Sniper Elite 5 Best Sniper Rifles

Having the best sniper rifle in Sniper Elite 5 will determine how easily you are able to take a Nazi headshot from afar. The following guide lists the best sniper rifles you can aim at the Nazi war machine in Sniper Elite 5.

Sniper Elite 5 Best Sniper Rifles

It is not always about doing the most damage. Most often you’ll be relying on other factors to confirm a clean and accurate kill. That being said, the ultimate goal of any sniper rifle should be to one-shot enemies from a distance with ease.

There are six sniper rifles in Sniper Elite 5 that all vary between power, range, noise, control, mobility, zoom, and more. It all comes down to you, the player, and what you want from your sniper rifle.

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Karabiner 98

  • Audible Range: 140 meters
  • Fire Rate: 28 rpm
  • Damage: 145 HP
  • Recoil Recovery: 500ms
  • Zoom: 6x
  • Magazine Size: 5

The Kar98 is easily the most powerful option a sniper can have in Sniper Elite 5. The weapon has a low fire rate but which means nothing when you have that much power and control to guarantee a kill in a single shot. Make no mistake, the Karabiner 98 is a one-shot kill if you know how to use it.


  • Audible Range: 128 meters
  • Fire Rate: 46 rpm
  • Damage: 108 HP
  • Recoil Recovery: 500 ms
  • Zoom: 8x
  • Magazine Size: 6

The SREM-1 is a pretty balanced sniper rifle with a decent range and good control with a medium velocity. This is a multipurpose rifle that excels if your target lies within a medium-range kill-box. It’s perfect for locking down an area from a high vantage point.


  • Audible Range: 135 meters
  • Fire Rate: 34 rpm
  • Damage: 120 HP
  • Recoil Recovery: 500 ms
  • Zoom: 8x
  • Magazine Size: 5

Your basic beginner’s rifle is actually not that bad. The M1903 serves the purpose of training players in all aspects of sniping. It has a decent medium-range coverage at the cost of a slow reloading. Newbies will have to stay calm as they reload with approaching enemies.

RSC 1918

  • Audible Range: 150 meters
  • Fire Rate: 250 rpm
  • Damage: 127 HP
  • Recoil Recovery: 400 ms
  • Zoom: 6x
  • Magazine Size: 5

RSC 1918 is a short-ranged sniper rifle with low recoil that can help you to take on multiple targets. It has low muzzle velocity as a drawback, especially in windy conditions. This causes less accuracy, control, and agility. The gun also has the highest audible range of 150 meters.

Gewehr 1943

  • Audible Range: 130 meters
  • Fire Rate: 400 rpm
  • Damage: 105 HP
  • Recoil Recovery: 400 ms
  • Zoom: 6x
  • Magazine Size: 10

If you are looking for a sniper rifle that offers high damage while neglecting everything else, the Gewehr 1943 is just for you. It is designed for mid-range sniping. Trying to pick out targets at long range, especially in windy conditions, will be nearly impossible. The only thing the Gewehr 1943 offers is decent damage.

M1A Carabine

  • Audible Range: 105 meters
  • Fire Rate: 420 rpm
  • Damage: 79 HP
  • Recoil Recovery: 400 ms
  • Zoom: 8x
  • Magazine Size: 15

Keeping in view the tasks that a sniper should perform, this sniper can be called the weakest sniper in Sniper Elite 5. M1A Carabine has a 15-bullet capacity and offers low damage. It is just more than a sniper rifle and has a good fire rate. The only advantage this sniper has is the least of all audible ranges.

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