Sleeping Dogs Safehouse Upgrades Guide

Where to find safehouse upgrades in Sleeping Dogs to upgrade your safehouse.

Just like any other open world game, Sleeping Dogs lets you save your game progress at the safe-houses. However, saving game progress is not the only function of these buildings as you can rest and save your useful items here. You can even purchase Sleeping Dogs Safehouse Upgrades to suit them to your needs.

If you are looking for these kinds of upgrades, you will need cash and a place where you can buy these. Following Safehouse upgrade’s guide will fill you in for both the locations and the cash you need to get these upgrades.

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Sleeping Dogs Safehouse Upgrades

#1 Air Conditioner
This upgrade will cost you $4620. You can get an air conditioner at the North Point inside the Night Market, next to a wall behind the stalls.

#2 Brand New Bed
This upgrade will cost you $5000 and you can get it from the Night Market at the north point from a stall inside a tent.

#3 Safe House Upgrade – Pet Bird
Can be purchased from a stall with birdcages at the North Point. Price is $5000

#4 Safe House Upgrade – Massive Sound System
This item will cost you $9550 which can be attained from the same Night Market at the north point.

#5 Safe House Upgrade – Dragon Tapestry
This cost of this item is $3000. You can have the Tapestry near the Wah Fi Storage in the central section.

#6 Coffee Table and Rug
You can get it at the K-Bar in the central area for $7200.

#7 Sofa Set
Pay $14000 at the Central Docks and the upgrade will be yours.

#8 Hot Tub
The hot tub can be bought from Sun Yat Housing Complex (Kennedy Town) for $25000.

#9 Safe House Upgrade – Fish
You can get the fish for $850 at Kennedy Town Docks.

#10 Awesome Pet Bird
Go to Aberdeen Docks with $3000 in your pocket to get this upgrade.

#11 Safe House Upgrade – Idol of Guan Yu
The upgrade will cost you $4000 at Kennedy Town

#12 Giant Movie Poster
You can get the poster from Aberdeen for $250.

#13 Ancient Vase
The Vase will cost you $8000 and can be bought from the Central. You need to look for a building of red letters named “TorExv” (written in red letters). To the opposite side of that building, you will be able to spot a gap between two structures. There will be a women there playing with her phone. She will sell you a vase.

#14 Strange Idol
12000 bucks at Aberdeen.

#15 Safe House Upgrade – Tropical Plant Service
Can be found in an alley in Kennedy town next to a red house. The lady will sell you the upgrade for $1200.

#16 Stolen Art
Go west from the market area at the ports in Aberdeen and you should find a double decker house floating. You will find a man in a black suit at the back of the blue house who will sell you this upgrade for $5200.

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