Skyrim Tanning Racks Locations Guide

Skyrim is a massive adventure with plenty of interesting activities to do, and Tanning is one of them. You can use Tanning Racks to cure hides and then convert them into leather. This Skyrim Tanning Racks Locations Guide will give you information on where to find all the places to use these tanning racks and improve your tanning skill.

Skyrim Tanning Racks Locations

When you stop by a Tanning Rack, you will find your character scraping the hides with knife portraying the tanning process. Every leather listed below has 2 weight and 10 value.

  • Bear Belt (Leather 4x)
  • Cave Bear Belt (Leather 4x)
  • Cow Hide (Leather 3x)
  • Dear Hide (Leather 2x)
  • Fox Pelt (Leather 1x)
  • Goat Hide (Leather 1x)
  • Horse Hide (Leather 3x)
  • Ice Wolf Pelt (Leather 1x)
  • Sabre Cat Pelt (Leather 4x)
  • Sabre Cat Snow Pelt (Leather 4x)
  • Snow Bear Pelt (Leather 4x)
  • Snow Fox Pelt (Leather 1x)
  • Wolf Pelt (Leather 1x)
  • Leather (Leather 1x)

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Following are the locations of different Tanning Racks available in Skyrim:

It’s a large ruin under Whiterun.

Angi’s Camp
It is a cabin southeast of Falkreath.

Alor House
It is a house in River Rock.

Alvor and Sigrid’s House
It is a medium-sized home in Riverwood.

Autumnwatch tower
It is a pair of abandoned towers at the south of Ivarstead.

Bannermist Tower
It is a simple three leveled Nordic tower south of Moss mother Cavern.

Battleborn Farm
It is a farm outside the Whiterun and owned by battleborn clan.

Blacksmith Quarters
It is on the east side of the market place in Windhelm.

Bloodskal Barrow
It is a small Nordic ruined barrow inhabited by reavers.

Broken Oar Grotto
It is a large cavern northeast of Brinwater Grotto

Broken Helm Hollow
It’s a bandit camp in the south-east direction from the Rift near the waterfall.

Bruca’s Leap Redoubt
It is a small cave inhabited by Forsworn.

Cracked Tusk Keep
It is a fort to the west of Falkreath.

Cliffside Retreat
It is a small shack on the south of dragon Bridge.

Dengeir’s house
It is the house of former Jarl and current Thane of Falkreath.

Darkwater Crossing
It is a small mining camp that operates the Goldenrock Mine.

Damphall Mine
It is a large partially flooded iron and silver mine, north of Bloodskal Barrow

Druadach Redoubt
There is a small encampment in Forsworn with a cave.

Dushnikh Yal
It is a prosperous Orc stronghold at the southeast of Markarth.

Faldar’s Truth
It is an old ruined fort at the west of Riftan.

Filnjar’s House
It is a house in the small mining village of Shor’s Stone.

Froki’s Shack
It’s a separate hunter’s shack in the southern mountains of the Rift.

Frostflow Lighthouse
It can be found in the west section of the Winterhold, east to the imperial camp.

Frostmoon Crag
It is a spacious overhang rock inhabited by warewolves.

Fort dawnguard
It is a large fort southeast of Riften.

Gallows Rock
It’s a fort guarded by the Silver Hand. There is plenty of loot inside the tower.

Greenspiring Hollow
It is a shallow cave at northeast of Whiterun.

Guard House
It is the Hjaalmarch barracks on the south of Morthal.

Hag Rock Redoubt
It is a small Nordic Ruin on the south of Markrath.

Halted Stream Camp
This location is associated with the side quest Amren’s Family Sword. The camp is surrounded by palisade wall and guarded by bandits.

Half-Moon Mill
It is a lumber mill beside the road that leads north from Falkreath.

Heartwood Mill
It is a lumber mill on the shore of Lake Honrich.

Hlaalu Farm
It is a small farm on the eastside of the Windhelm.

It is a two-story house in the northwest of Riften.

Hunter’s Rest
It is a shack in the hills near Moss Mother Cavern.

It’s a Dwemer ruin found west to the Windhelm and south to Lake Yorgrim. It’s actually down below the north mountain top.

Ironback Hideout
The tanning rack is in the dilapidated house northwest of the Solitude.

It is a small milling town at the base of Throat of the World.

It is a small mining village in the Reach.

Karthspire Camp
It is an open sprawling Forsworn encampment at the northwest of Old Hroldan Inn.

It is a small village on the road south of Windhelm.

Knifepoint Ridge
It is a large palisade-walled bandit camp northwest of Falkreath.

It is an accursed Orc stronghold in the Rift beset by giants.

Lost Knife Hideout
It’s a cave range which serves the purpose of hideout for the lost knife bandits.

Lod’s house
It is the home of the blacksmith of Falkreath near the center of Falkreath.

You can find this area in south-west direction of Windhelm. “A Night To Remember” is a related side quest.

It is an Orc Stronghold in Eastmarch on the southeast of Windhelm.

It is a sunken Dwarven ruin at the northeast of Tel Mithryn.

Northshore Landing
It is a small abandoned dock inhabited by mudcrabs on the north northeast of Bristleback Cave

It’s a bandit camp in the northeast of Roirkstead.

It is a cottage and bandit’s hideout northeast of Falkreath.

Penitus Oculatus Outpost
It is the headquarters of Penitus Oculatus on the dragon Bridge.

It’s another Dwemer ruin found on the mountains in between White River and Lake Yorgrim.

Riverside Shack
It is a small shack on the east of Gallows rock at the eastern bank of White river.

Rustleif’s House
It is a smithy near Dawnstar’s shoreline.

Sacellum of Boethiah
It is a shrine for Daedric Prince Boethiah in the mountains east of Windhelm.

Sarethi Farm
It is a farm between Riften and Ivarstead.

Serpent’s Bluff Redoubt
It is a small Forsworn camo in the south of Rorikstead.

Severin Manor
It is a home in Raven Rock which will be later awarded to you by Councilor Morvayn.

Skaal Village
It is a small village in the northeastern Solstheim and is the home of Skall tribe.

Solitude Blacksmith
It is a smithy in the west side of Solitude.

Sven and Holde’s House
It is a small house at the western end of Riverwood.

The Scorched Hammer
Adjacent to the Market square, it’s a blacksmith found in Riften.

Traitor’s Post
It is a crumbling shack and bandit outpost on the east of Windhelm.

The Ccorched Hammer
It is the home of Riften’s blacksmith.

Tolvald’s Cave
It’s a medium cave found in Eastmarch region.

Tundra Homestead
It is a cottage just northeast of Battleborn Farm.

Understone Keep
Built into the mountainside, Understone is an ancient Dwarven keep used as a palace by the Jarl of Markarth.

Volkihar Keep
It is the home of Volkihar vampire clan at the castle Volkihar.

Beside the main gate of Whiterun, it’s a store selling weapons and armory.

Wrevk of the Pride of Tel Vos
It is a shipwreck on a small island to the east of Winterhold.

If you know any other locations to find the Tanning Racks, share them with us in comments section.

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