Skyrim Fort Neugrad Treasure Map Treasures Location Guide

Treasure, more treasure and endless treasure, that’s what you think when you need to upgrade your character. If you are tired of collecting coins adding up slowly to your overall coin count and want to find precious articles hidden throughout the world of Skyrim then you have landed on the right place as we have a Skyrim Fort Neugrad treasure guide to show you their locations.

For a particular Treasure, you need to have the respective treasure map first before you can start searching for it. So, let’s start our fort neugrad treasure in hunt in the world of dragons.

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Skyrim Fort Neugrad Treasure Map

To get your hands on the Fort Neugrad Treasure map, you need to head towards the Fort Neaugrad which is located southeast of Helgen. The fort is more like a dungeon and is overrun by hostiles. You need to take the route through mountains for reaching there.

Once you have reached there, you need to take out the hostiles first who are controlling the place. And then you need to head towards the upper level of the fort while fighting your way out. There you will find a ladder to climb up the ceiling into the outdoors of Skyrim.

You will be automatically spawned at the top of the tower of Fort Neugrad and in front of you will be a chest that contains the Treasure Map.

The treasure chest of the Fort Neugrad is located East side of the fort. Once you leave the fort, head towards the lake on your right. Swim across it and go up the hill.

The treasure chest of Fort Neugrade is beside the rocky wall of the connected mountain. Find it and claim the treasure as yours.

Treasure Map #1
Location. There is a Bandit camp in Ilinalta Foothills. Move towards the guardians stones and the guard there holds the treasure map. He won’t hand it over to you just like that so you will have to kill him first.

Treasure Map #2
Location. When you are in Winterhold, look for a fire just near the Journeyman (one of the nooks). You will also find a Knapsack nearby, the map is inside it.

Treasure Map #3
Location. In Riverside, you need to head to the Eastmarch for the treasure. Head inside and you will be able to spot the in there.

Treasure Map #4
Location. Once you are in Whiterun, move to Redoran’s Retreat and look for a chest near the bandit chef. You will find the map placed on the chest.

Treasure Map #5
Location. You can find one treasure map inside the Angi’s Cabin which is in Falkearth. The map is near the bed.

Treasure #6
Location. You need to find a dead elf. You can find him in the Pale. You need to search for a dead elf in the mountains. It might give you a tough time you will manage to find it.

Treasure #7
Location. Head to Eastmarch and then to Traitor’s post. Head inside and you will be able to spot it on the chest.

Treasure #8
Location. Find Haul of Horkers in the Winterhold. Look for a hunter’s dead body. Search the body to find the map.

Treasure #9
Location. Again in Eastmarch, move to Lucky Lorenz’s Shack. You need to look for Luck Lorez’s dead body near a fallen tree to the south side of the river.

Treasure #10
Location. Head to Creek cave in Eastmarch. Remove the Wizard Bandit threat and search his body to find the map.

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