How To Kill Ebony Warrior in Skyrim

If you’ve maxed your level to 81 in Skyrim, and have your hands on the Dragonborn DLC, you will face the Ebony Warrior. This Ebony Warrior Guide will show you How To Kill Ebony Warrior in Skyrim.

Once you reach the capped level, a mysterious character called the Ebony Warrior will find you, and speaking to him will initiate a quest. Apparently, this warrior wants to duel with you, believing that he has done everything he can do, except fighting a foe as mighty as yourself.

However, Defeating Ebony Warrior is not a piece of cake and he will give more than a run for your money and that is where our Skyrim Ebony Warrior Guide comes in to help you beat the Ebony Warrior and claim that title of the greatest warrior in all of Skyrim.

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How To Kill Ebony Warrior in Skyrim

When you first meet the Ebony Warrior, in his conversation with you, he will call you to the last vigil. Upon approaching him at the aforementioned location, you will find him standing his ground and wielding his sword. But he won’t attack you until you engage him.

If you think you have what it takes to beat down this man in black, then prepare yourself! However, high as your level and equipment may be, this tall, heavy armored fellow is no regular soldier that took an arrow in the knee; he’s easily the toughest character in the entire game. Here are the reasons why:

  • The Ebony Warrior has resistance to each and every element owing to his elemental resistance perks and the enchantments on all his equipment.
  • Ebony Armor of Regeneration gives him an abnormally fast regeneration. And is immune to most physical damage types, except for fall damage and poison.
  • His equipment Boots of Frost Suppression, Ebony Gauntlets of Extreme Wielding, Ebony Helmet of Waterbreathing, Necklace of Shock Suppression and a Ring of Peerless Wielding, are of immense strength to him.
  • To top it all off, the guy seems to wield a vampiric sword
  • The dude has some crazy defenses (you’ll know why if and when you loot his corpse!)
  • In addition, he can also cast the spells Close Wounds, Command Daedra, Conjure Storm Atronach, Frost Cloak, and Ironflesh, Unrelenting Force and Disarm Dragon Shouts

In order to defeat this mighty warrior, you’ll have to have the best gear Skyrim can give you. Here are a few tips to help you defeat the Ebony Warrior:

  • Get the best things you can, be it armor, weapons – whatever
  • If you have some  powerful bow, use that; try to get as far away from him as possible, and then use the bow to do some damage
  • You should seriously learn all three words of the Dragon Aspect shout (if you haven’t already). This is an insanely powerful shout that gives you massive offensive and defensive buffs, and will make your other shouts more effective as well. Such an overpowered skill is a must-have for the most difficult enemy in the game
  • If you are lucky, a dragon will be flying nearby the place you fight him. In that case, you should learn to tame dragons and fly them. Dragons will make the fight much easier
  • The Ebony Warrior seems to have defenses for everything except falls. Try to get him to trip off a ledge as he does take some damage on fall. Even though he can easily survive any fall, he does take damage at the time when he falls and before he stands up.
  • Since the Ebony Warrior does not attack until he is attacked, you can sneak behind him and may be kill him with a strong dagger, if you have the Assassin’s Blade perk.

If you manage to defeat the Ebony Warrior, check his corpse for some awesome items. These are given below:

Ebony Shield of Fire Suppression
Enchantment: Increases fire resistance by 50%

Ebony Armor of Regeneration
Enchantment: Health regenerates 40% faster

Ebony Gauntlets of Extreme Wielding
Enchantment: One-handed attacks do 35% more damage

Ring of Peerless Wielding
Enchantment: One-handed attacks do 40% more damage

Necklace of Shock Suppression
Enchantment: Increases shock resistance by 50%

Ebony Boots of Frost Suppression
Enchantment: Increases frost resistance by 50%

Ebony Helmet of Waterbreathing
Enchantment: Can breathe underwater without drowning

Ebony Sword of the Vampire
Enchantment: Absorb 25 points of health per strike


  • Potions of Vigorous Healing
  • Human Heart
  • Flawless Sapphire
  • Flawless Garnet
  • Flawless Ruby
  • Flawless Emerald
  • Flawless Diamond
  • Flawless Amethyst
  • Daedra Heart
  • Ebony Arrows
  • Black Soul Gem

That is all for our Skyrim Ebony Warrior Guide with tips on hot beat the Ebony warrior and claim the title of the greatest warrior in Skyrim.

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