Skyrim Dragon Locations Dragon Hunting Guide

Dragons are one of the main attractions of Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, however, these Dragons are not found at specific locations except for a few locations and given that Dragon Souls are important in unlocking the shouts this Skyrim Dragon Locations Dragon Hunting Guide will help you locate all the Dragons found at fixed location so that players can kill them and absorb their souls.

Dragons are completely random in Skyrim but it doesn’t mean there aren’t any who are fixated to their lairs. Dragons who are protecting Dragon Shouts Word Walls are fixated on one location and are indicated by a small dragon head on your mini-map and radar.

You can easily find these dragons and kill them to absorb their souls. You need to absorb 20 souls to earn ‘Dragon Hunter’ achievement. For more help on Skyrim, rea+d our Walkthrough, Crafting Guide, and Leveling Guide.

Skyrim Dragon Locations Dragon Hunting

Dragons can appear at random at any place in Skyrim but there are quite a few places where players can find dragons for sure to kill them an absorb their souls for the purpose of unlocking new shouts. This Skyrim Dragon Hunter Guide will help you find these Dragons so that players can kill them.

It should be pointed out that even if you go to the Dragons’ lairs and slay them, Esbern will continue to provide you with more quests to hunt even more Dragons. The Dragons will spawn again in the lairs you’ve already cleared, giving you a golden Dragon Farming opportunity.

You will, of course, have to actually complete all the Dragon Lairs in order to be given the opportunity to farm Dragons (all 10 Dragon Lairs) but that’s not an issue as the following section of this guide will provide you with the locations for each Dragon Lair, and additional information on other Dragon Locations.

Location. You will find a dragon during main quest ‘A Blade in the Dark’ at the burial ground in the hills.

Location. Look for a dragon flying around the corner of the mountains, east of Kynesgrove, by the orc camp.

Rannveig’s Fast
Location. Look for a dragon protecting a Dragon Shout, south of Morthal, outside the entrance.

Location. There are two dragons in the southwest of Helgen, near Bonechill Passage. One is Ice dragon and second is a Fire Dragon. They are difficult to fight due to the tricky terrain so save the game when you reach the fort area.

Ancient’s Ascent
Location. You will find a dragon protecting a Dragon Shout just after going through Bonechill Passage. It should come up on your radar.

Lost Tongue Overlook
Location. There is a dragon in the area south of Riften. You will encounter it during bounty mission that you can take from Wilhelm in Ivarstead’s Inn.

South Skybound Watch
Location. You will find a dragon in the middle of Helgen and Riverwood in the mountainous area. Powerful Wispmothers crawl the area, so you can use them when you fight against this dragon. If you aren’t careful, both may party up and take you down instead.

Autumnwatch Tower
Location. You will encounter a dragon in South of Ivarstead and further south of Rift Imperial Camp, by the towers in the mountain. There is plenty of cover for the range attackers in the area, so better use it to your advantage.

Arcwind Point
Location. You will encounter a dragon in the west of the Autumnwatch Tower. There is a Draugr Overlord in the area – again, you should let the two beasts fight and damage the dragon during their fight.

Be careful near the stairs though, you may encounter a Draugr Death Overlord by the stairs, who is a difficult enemy to fight with.

Brownstrewn Crest
Location. You will encounter a dragon directly south of Windhelm, in the middle of the swampland, up on the top of the large hill, guarding a Dragon Shout.

Shor’s Stone
Location. You may encounter a dragon in the small mining village that is in the mountain range between Windhelm and Riften, on the right – It is the non-snowy area.

Northwind Summit
Location. When you receive a letter from a friend about a source of power in the mountains between Windhelm and Riften, round the corner from Shor’s Stone, and you should encounter a dragon.

Wreck of the Winter War
Location. There is wreckage in the northeast of Windhelm. To the west of this wreck on the share, you may encounter a dragon. There are bears swarming this area.

Mount Anthor
Location. Elder dragon, which you may encounter in the middle mountain in the range to the northwest of Windhelm.

Darkwater Crossing
Location. Another location you are more likely to encounter a dragon.

Dragontooth Crater
Location. You may encounter a dragon in the large mountain area, between Solitude and Markarth, in the northwest of Skyrim.

Location. On top of the large mountain, west of Windhelm.

Eldersblood Peak
Location. On top of the mountain, south of Morthal – a dragon lives to protect a Dragon Shout.

Twilight Sepulcher
Location. In the small cave, west of Falreath. You will have to lure him out in the open.

Location. You may encounter a dragon during the main quest – Alduin’s Wall. It is east of Markarth, on your way to Rorikstead. It’s a small village, not marked on the map.

How To Kill a Dragon and Absorb Soul

When you kill a dragon and you can stand next to its remains and absorb its soul. It’s automatic, you just need to close enough, and it will happen. Now to the more important aspect of dragon hunting – how to kill a dragon.

As stated earlier, it is possible for you to fight Dragons, again and again, so Dragon Farming is open to you, so make sure to kill these mythical creatures as many times as you can after finding out how to.

How you fight a dragon is subjective and depends on your fighting style, but the behavior of all these dragons in combat is somewhat similar. They circle around the target, hover, attack you with their magicka (Dragon Shout) – rinse and repeat. They may land and through whatever magic they have your way and use their tail against you when you get behind them.

You don’t want to get too close to dragons because they can eat you. Since you can’t get too close to a dragon, Mage Character Build will definitely help in slaying a dragon. Being a Mage, you can hide, get behind a cover, and then pop-out at the right time to do your damage.

The cover will keep your protected from the Spells and at the same time, allow you to pop-out and attack from distance. The trick is to use the countermagic against a dragon-like if the dragon attacks with Fire spells, use Ice spells. If you are Warrior, you can use Dragon Shouts to serve this purpose – like you can use Frost Breath and Fire Ball.

When playing as a Warrior, use the Slow Down Time Shout, and get close to the dragon and inflict damage as much as you can. When fighting a dragon, you should always have some distractions, to keep dragon busy. Dragons will attack everyone around you so having other NPCs fighting the dragon will only help you in this case.

Let dragon fight the creature/NPCs and then, when they have dealt enough damage – either kill the dragon and absorb the soul or kill the NPC/Creature first, loot them, and move on to finish off the dragon.

Engaging the dragon with other creatures around you will also help you deal some risk-free damage. Which helps you finish off the dragon quicker and hassle-free.

It really boils down to experimenting with what works for you and refining it during your encounters with different dragons throughout Skyrim. Now, below you will find possible locations of dragons that you can kill and absorb their souls for the achievement.

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