How To Get Daedra Hearts Easily In Skyrim

You can choose to kill Dremora in Skyrim to get Daedra hearts. You can also Steal some and use a glitch to duplicate them.

Daedra Heart is an ingredient used to make potions, armor, and weapons. This ingredient is rare and consequently, the items that are crafted with this ingredient hold great value. This material is a key item for forging Daedric Armor and Weapons, which are considered amongst the best armor sets and weapons in Skyrim.

Daedra Heart is obtained by killing Dremora, a race similar to humans but has black skin tone and red face markings. Dremora is strong, and players need high-level gear and magic to fight them.

Daedra Heart Locations

Daedra Hearts can always be gathered by killing Dremora, but keep in mind that they are not easy to kill and put up a hefty fight. You can find a couple of Dremoras to kill at the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon. Kill the Dremora, collect their hearts, and come back after a couple of days to find more Dremoras spawned there. Apart from the slashing, Deadric Hearts can be found at different locations where players can easily sneak and steal.

  • 1 Heart in Jorrvaskr, in the Kodlak’s quarters.
  • 1 Heart in Volkiihair Ruins.
  • 2 Hearts in Nightcaller Temple.

While you can sneak and make a run for it, the better option would be to crouch and reach the heart slowly. Then, hold down your steal button as soon as it shows so your character is holding the heart. Now take the hovering heart out to a room or place where no one can see you, and then let go of the button. The heart will drop to the floor but still show the option to steal it. Don’t worry now if you press the steal button, your character will only pick the heart up, and you are good to go. Basically, you need to ensure that no one is watching you while attempting to steal the heart.

Daedra Hearts can also spawn in a shopkeeper’s selling inventory, but being a rare item, they are less likely to appear for all the shopkeepers throughout Skyrim. The highest probability of finding Daedra Hearts for sale is with Babette (The Dark Brotherhood Mage) and Enthir (the Mage at the College of Winterhold). The normal price of a Daedra Heart is 250 gold but can be reduced if players have leveled up their Speech Skills.

Another way to easily get your hands on Daedra Heart is to use the ID of Daedra Heart (ID: 0003AD5B) in the console command. Simply open the console command and type in player.AddItem(space)0003AD5B(space)(Amount)

Easy Glitch to Farm Daedra Hearts in Skyrim

In an area in Whiterun, there is a glitch that lets you multiply an item. For that glitch to work, all you need is a follower and the item you wish to multiply.

Head into Whiterun and over to Jorrvaskr if you haven’t collected any Daedra Heart yet. Collect the heart and come out of the building. Now you will need to bring a follower and take him/her to the main gate of Whiterun. At the doorstep of the gate, facing the city, you will turn right to see a small passageway.

daedra hearts farming glitch

Head into the passageway and order your follower to stand in the passage. Now, drop the heart in your possession into the passage and tell your follower to pick it up. Once the follower picks it up, head over to the Gate of Whiterun and out of the city. As you come out, walk a few steps and then enter the city again.

Go to where your follower stands, and you will notice the heart on the ground where you dropped it. Check your follower’s inventory, and you will also find a heart there.

skyrim follower glitch to farm daedra hearts

Take that heart, and now place both hearts on the ground. Repeat the process of asking the follower to pick the hearts up, walk out of the city, and back in, and you will notice the hearts are on the ground. When you check your follower’s inventory, the hearts will also be there. Now, you have a simple glitch to farm as many Daedra Hearts as you want. Remember to individually place the hearts on the ground one by one so that the glitch works. It’s always a good idea to save your game often while doing this glitch so that you can reload if things go wrong.

Daedra Heart Uses

As mentioned earlier, Daedra Heart is a core ingredient for crafting Deadric Armor and Weapons. Considered the best set of gear in Skyrim. Each item of the gear (armor pieces and weapons) requires a fixed amount of Daedra Heart along with leather strips and ingots.

PieceDaedra HeartLeather StripsEbony IngotFirewoodID
Deadric Armor (Chest)13500001396B
Deadric Boots12300001396A
Deadric Gauntlets12200001396C
Deadric Helmet12300001396D
Deadric Shield11400001396E
Deadric Dagger1110000139B6
Deadric Sword1120000139B9
Deadric Bow1130000139B5
Deadric Battleaxe1250000139B4
Deadric War Axe1220000139B3
Deadric Greatsword1350000139B7
Deadric Mace1130000139B8
Deadric Warhammer1350000139BA
Deadric Arrow1011000139c0

Daedra Hearts are also useful for crafting potions. This ingredient can restore health and stamina and increase damage along with damaging opponents’ magicka and implementing fear in the enemies. There are a good number of potions that can be brewed using Daedra Hearts, such as Restore Health, Damage Stamina Regen, Poison of Fear, Restore Stamina, Fortify Conjuration, and Fortify One-Handed, to name a few.

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