The Sims 4 Update Fixes Issues, Adds More Funny Patch Notes

A new The Sims 4 update has hit and has given us the usual patch notes, and Maxis' own little spin on it to make them more fun to read.

A new The Sims 4 update has come out, and has not only fixed a sizable number of issues but has also given us more funny patch notes to trawl through. Of course, any The Sims 4 mods you have will also have to be re-activated after downloading the update, so don’t forget.

Along with patches for the game in general, the update has also fixed a few lingering issues with some of the prior downloadable content packs in the game. These include the Get Together expansion, the Discover University expansion, the new Eco Lifestyle expansion, and the Tiny Living expansion.

In the broader game, cycling errors with the + and – keys should now be fixed. Two different errors that showed up at certain issues should also be fixed. Vacation ending messages should also no longer be ambiguous or incorrect if two Sims families go on vacation at the same time.

All of the other effects are fairly minor, mainly doing things like sound effects continuing from the Fabricator even after it was done working, terminology not appearing properly in some interfaces, and Sims actually getting their inheritances if they marry within 7 days.

While all of the issues fixed in the most recent The Sims 4 are fairly minor, it’s still a noticeable amount of quality of life improvements that can help people have a better gaming experience. For instance, Sims shoes should no longer clip through objects with new clothing assets.

Then again, who reads Sims patch notes for actual patch notes anyway? Whether it’s a simple joke about turning something off and then on again to fix, or in the case of the marriage fix a full-on telenovela drama, this The Sims 4 update will likely have something to at least make you crack a smile.

We only got into a few pieces of the patch notes here, but you can follow this link to the full list and read them for yourselves or check out some of the best mods in The Sims 4.

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