Sims 4 Cats & Dogs Aging Guide

In this Sims 4 Cats & Dogs Guide Aging Guide, we will guide you on how to increase or decrease the age of your pets in Sims 4. The new DLC cute little cats and dogs in Sims 4 brings you cute pets that you can take care of.

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Sims 4 Cats & Dogs Guide Aging

Your pets in Sims 4 are a real treat. They will spend time with you and you can take care of them by fulfilling their different needs and wants.

As your pet grows older, you unlock new and fun activities that you can perform with them. Lucky for you, Sims 4 has two possible ways by which you can alter the age of your pet at your will.

Brindleton Pawspital
You can find a refrigerator to the right side of the entrance, from which you can buy three different treats that can be fed to your pet.

  • Age-Down Treat: $150
  • Age-Up Treat: $150
  • Ambrosia Pet Treat: $2,500

If you feel like you have to complete certain aspirations, and for that you need your pet to age up faster, then you can use said treats. Or, if you want your pet to always stay a cute little kitten or a puppy; then you can simply go ahead and keep it that way.

Dr. Magi-Heal’s Medicine Craft
You can choose to increase or decrease the age of your pet by using a special machine called Dr. Magi-Heal’s Medicine Craft – o – Matic. Before you can use this device, you must increase your Vet skill.

Learn how to be a professional Vet and you can start using this device to build special age changing medicines. You can either purchase this device from your own house or you can visit the Vet’s clinic to use this device there.

Once you are in the crafting section of this device, head to the treats section and there you can choose which treatment you want to choose for your pet. You can either craft the Age-Down Treat, which will make your pet younger by one level, or the Age-Up Treat, which increases the level of your pet by one level.

Once you have the treat, simply feed it to your pet for immediate results. Aging your pets up and down is a very simple process once you have leveled up your Vet skill

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