The Sims 4 Households Guide – How to Set Up

After you’re done with Create-A-Sim, the next thing you need to do is to find a suitable location and start building a home or buy a pre-built one – if you have enough cash. A home can affect your Sim in a number of ways so it’s important to focus on this section.

In this guide, I’ll try to cover everything that you need to know about building your Sim a home. Still, if you’ve any questions, throw them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you!

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Setting up your Household
In The Sims 4, household is generally referred to as your Sim’s family, friends, or even roommates. The household can be managed in Create-A-Sim section and you’re allowed to have a maximum of eight Sims.

While it’s a good idea to focus on a single Sim, you can always go with friends, parents, wife, husband, children, and roommates.

Create-A-Sim mode not only allows you to create parents and children, but you can also use the genetics feature to create your fraternal twin siblings. Now that you’ve an idea of what you can do with household, make sure to experiment with it and build strong relationships right off the bat.

Choosing an Area to Live
After setting up your household and personalizing your Sim, you’ll be asked to choose a place to live. There are two places to choose from; Willow Creek and Oasis Springs. It doesn’t matter which of the two worlds you choose, you’ll be able to visit the other area and even migrate – after progressing through the game.

Buying a Home
The amount of cash at hand is a major factor determining where you should stay. Both Willow Creek and Oasis Springs offer a variety of places with varying prices. You can view the complete details of a specific home from price to accommodation details while in the world.

In Willow Creek, the houses range from 16,000 to 261, 153 – not counting the empty lots. For 261,153, you’ll receive a 40×30 lot size with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. And for 16,000, you’ll get a 20×15 lot size with one bedroom and bathroom.

In Oasis Springs, the prices start from 13,000 for 20×15 lot size with one bedroom and one bathroom to 314,628 for which you’ll get 40×30 lot size with four bedrooms and four washrooms. Do note that the prices that I’ve provided are for the fully furnished homes. If you decide to go with unfurnished homes, they’ll definitely cost less.

The reason why I posted the prices for the furnished homes is because these homes come with all necessary equipment needed to meet your Sim’s needs. Without these must-have items, your Sim will not last longer.

For example, shower and sink are required to meet the hygiene needs and refrigerator and stove are required to meet hunger needs. Bookshelf and television are must-have to fulfil the fun requirement and bed/sofa is required to replenish energy.

Another thing that matters a lot is the quality of these necessary items.

For example, a higher quality bed will ensure that your Sim gets a good sleep and performs various tasks effectively. The best thing to do is to get a furnished home, a job, and then keep on upgrading things as you earn more money.

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