Where to use Sewer-Gaol Key in Elden Ring

After giving you the Sewer Gaol key to you, he will ask you to find him in the sewers under Leyndell. You will need some exploring to find it.

Elden Ring doesn’t only offer a lot of NPCs to interact with but most of them have their unique questlines too. In a pure Soulsborne fashion, all these questlines are extremely ambiguous and can be missed/messed up by players if they are not paying close attention to the smallest of details. One such quest is associated with a loathsome NPC known as Dung Eater. His quest takes place halfway through the game and one of the most important items related to his quest is known as Sewer Gaol Key.

How to obtain Sewer-Gaol Key in Elden Ring

Sewer Gaol Key can only be obtained by delivering a Seedbed curse (another key item) to the Dung Eater, who is present inside the Roundtable Hold. He only appears once players reach Leyndell, the royal capital in Elden Ring.

To find the first seedbed curse, fast travel to East Capital Rampart Site of Grace inside Leyndell. Go forward and use the elevator to reach the lower floor. From there, turn right immediately to find a ladder. Climb the ladder to reach the next platform. Interact with the corpse inside the chair to collect the first seedbed curse. Return to Roundtable Hold and deliver the seedbed curse to Dung Eater to obtain the Sewer-Gaol Key.

Where can I use this Sewer-Gaol Key?

Upon handing over the Sewer Gaol Key to the players, Dung Eater will tell them to come find him in the sewers of Leyndell and will relocate from the Roundtable Hold.

To find Dung Eater by using Sewer Gaol Key, fast travel to Avenue Balcony Site of Grace in Leyndell. From the site of grace, turn around and go down a set of stairs. Pass through the gate in front and turn left. Beware of Royal Archers in this area as they can seriously hurt the players if they are not careful.

There is a railing to the left. Jump and drop down on the rooftop of a house (red-colored rooftop). Drop down from the house and turn right. Reach the corner of the area to find a well. Use the stairs to enter the tunnels beneath the Leyndell capital.

Turn left to enter the next area and use the stairs to the right to descend further into the depths. From there, turn right and keep going straight until you reach the Subterranean Shunning Grounds. This area is truly dark. Use lantern or some other means to create some light. Head down the step of stairs and kill some rats. Pass through a narrow door and turn left. Use the ladder to go down from the ledge.

Keep going straight until you pass the first jailer and drop from the open hole on the left side of the area. Jailers are some of the toughest enemies in the game so avoid them if possible. Run across the tunnel and kill some rats/poison flowers in your path. Climb the ladder at the end of the tunnel and turn right to find the Dung Eater’s cell. Open the cell with Sewer Gaol Key and defeat Dung Eater to progress his questline.