Elden Ring Dung Eater Quest and Seedbed Curses Locations

This guide will help you progress the Dung Eater Questline in Elden Ring and help you get the Capital Sewer Gaol key.

Dung Eater is an NPC in Elden Ring, which has its own line of Side quests. This guide covers the entire Dung Eater Questline in Elden Ring and will also help you get the Capital Sewer Gaol key and go after Dung Eater to defeat him.

Dung Eater Location

Dung Eater can be found in Roundtable Hold, which is located southeast of Limgrave. However, you can only find Dung Eater there once you unlock the Leyndell, the Royal Capital region of the game.

Elden Ring Dung Eater Questline Walkthrough

You will require the Seedbed Curses in order to progress Dung Eater’s questline. The first Seedbed Curse can be obtained by heading to Leyndell East Capital Rampart Site of Grace and then using the elevator there to head down.

Get off the elevator and use the ladder on your right to make your way up. You will find the Seedbed Curse on a corpse on a chair there.

Make your way back to the Roundtable Hold and hand over the first Seedbed Curse to Dung Eater. He will give you the Sewer-Gaol key, which can be used to unlock the sewer under Leyndell, Royal Capital.

To get to Sewer Gaol, head to Lower Capital Church and go north to reach the destroyed part of the city. There will be a well in this area that you can use to drop into.

Jump and then unlock the cell and head right to the rat-infested room after you clear the room, head southeast and then use the ladder on your left to reach the Site of Grace near the alcove.

Head left from the Site of Grace and use the opening to get down. You will have two paths in front of you. Use the path on your right to get to a ladder and climb it.

This will take you to the room with Dung Eater. Go and talk to him and then choose the ‘Leave your Gaol!’ option.

Now, return to the Roundtable Hold. You will find out that Dung Eater has disappeared but has left a message for you, saying:

‘I’ll defile you next. Come to the outer moat’.

The outer moat is a water body which is located northwest from the Capital Rampart Site of Grace. You will have to take on Dung Eater here. Defeating him will reward you with the ‘Sword of Milos.’

Return to Roundtable Hold to find Dung Eater again. He will ask you to defile his flesh with a Seedbed Curse. Your task now will be to collect the 5 remaining Seedbed Curses and talk to him after collecting each one.

Seedbed Curses Locations

We have listed the locations of the remaining Seedbed Curses below.

Seedbed Curse#2: Blackguard Outer Moat

This Seedbed Curse can be obtained by talking to the Blackguard, who you can be found in the Outer Moat, which is located close to Leyndell, Royal Capital. He will first warn you about Dung Eater.

Leave and then return to the area to find the Blackguard dying. He will drop the Seedbed Curse when he dies.

Seedbed Curse#3: Fortified Manor

This Seedbed Curse is present in Fortified Manor, which is located in Leyndell, Royal Capital. Inside the manor, look for a room that looks like the one you found Dung Eater in Roundtable Hold.

In this room, there is a corpse having the Seedbed Curse. To reach this room, use the wooden shacks outside the Fortified Manor to get to the second floor, where the replica room is located.

Seedbed Curse#4: Volcano Manor

This Seedbed is located in the Volcano Manor. To get into the room having the Seedbed Curse, you will need to unlock one of the Imp Seals. The Seedbed is present on a corpse inside the room.

Seedbed Curse#5 and #6: Miquella’s Haligtree

The final two Seedbed Curses are located in around Miquella’s Haligtree. Head northeast from Prayer Room Site of Grace until you reach the staircase. Head down the stairs.

Downstairs, you can find the Seedbed Curses on corpses in two different rooms.

What’s Next After Giving Dung Eater Seedbed Curses

After you collect and give the 5 Seedbed Curses to Dung Eater, it will unlock an additional ending to the game, called ‘Blessing of Despair.’ He will also give you the Mending Rune of the Fell Curse.

You can use this Rune and mend it at the end of the game after defeating the Elden Beast to trigger the Dung Eater Ending. This ending is considered the worst ending in the game since Dung Eater curses the entire world for eternity