Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo Walkthrough Guide – Kotaro, Folding Screen Monkeys Boss, Inner Sanctum

Sekiro Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo Walkthrough Guide will help you navigate through the Senpou Temple, locate the Senpou Esoteric Text, and encounter a couple of mini-boss encounters.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo

Complete the Abandoned Dungeon and at the end, take the lift and you will arrive at Senpou Temple, Mount Kongo. As you start this region, interact with Senpou Temple Sculptor’s Idol.

A voice will talk to the Wolf and will ask him to look at the enlightened face. Interact with it and it will reveal information regarding the Monks. From the Sculptor’s Idol, go to the right and along the way, you will meet “Kotaro”.

Talking to Kotaro is optional and if you choose to talk to him, he will ask you to bring him “White Pinwheel”. Complete this if you want to. Make your way ahead from Kotaro and you will come to the Broken Bridge. Kill the monk there and keep moving, there will be Kite here but you cannot use it yet.

Grapple your way back up and go up the slope while killing Monks. Be careful while fighting Monks, as they tend to stay in groups that make them difficult to deal with. You will be at the Ni-Oh Gate.

Go left from here, take the stairs up, and there will be enemies along the way. Kill them and you will find two more enemies ahead. Once you have dealt with them, grapple to the opening in the ceiling ahead of you.

The room is full of Crickets and there are Monks in the next room. Once the Monks have been dealt with, jump out of the window and find an old woman with whom you can talk and complete an optional quest.

From the old woman keep moving to the grassy area with torch-wielding enemies. Kill them and get to the staircase where you encounter Strawhats. Take the nearby grapple pit and drop down onto the enemies below.

Armored Warrior Mini-Boss Fight

Get into the cave and interact with Shugendo Sculptor’s Sculptor Idol. There will be a bridge near the Red and White Pinwheel; this is where you will face the Armored Warrior mini-boss. Defeat this mini-boss and you will be rewarded with Prayer Bead and Breath of Nature: Shadow Skill.

Cross the bridge and interact with Grounds Sculptor’s Idol. Go behind the Sculptor’s Idol, drop down the roof, and there will be pond ahead. From the pond, grapple to the branches near the large temple. Fight your way through and get to the stone floor ahead.

At the end of the corridor, there will be a broken window. If you go around the window and jump to the rooftop, the path will lead you to the “Long Arm Centipede Sen-Un” mini-boss fight.

Jump through the broken window and you will fight your way through. Go to the room nearby and kill enemies inside then leave the room and exit the corridor towards Jizo Statues. You will find a bonfire lit in the distance.

Keep moving ahead while killing enemies along the way. Stealth your way upwards until you come across two Monks. Defeat the enemies, move forward and you will find Monks on the staircase.

Kill them and move forward and you will find Straw-Hat enemies. Kill them, open the door, and interact with the Main Hall Sculptor’s Idol. There will be an NPC nearby with whom you can talk but that is optional.

In addition, there is a bell here. Interact with it and you are in the Hall of Illusions.

Folding Screen Monkeys Boss Fight

There will be an NPC “Illusory Hall Monk” at the Hall of Illusion. Talk to him and he will reveal important information regarding the area. What you really need to do is find the 4 Folding Screen Monkeys undetected.

If you are seen then you can use the Illusive Hall Bell to reset the area. Once you have defeated them, you will be rewarded with Memory and Puppeteer Ninjutsu.

Inner Sanctum

After defeating the Folding Screen Monkeys, you will reach the Inner Sanctum. Interact with the Sculptor’s Idol. Interact with Divine Child of Rejuvenation and you will get the Fushigiri Mortal Blade.

You can draw the Fushigiri Mortal Blade and the Wolf will die but you can resurrect. Talk to the NPC for a few more times and you get a few items. Leave the area by going to the left of the entrance and you will be back at the Main Hall.

Defeat the Centipede Monks using the newly acquired blade and then go back to Ashina Castle to show Koru the blade.

Senpou Esoteric Text

This one is completely optional and is not part of the main progression.

At the Main Hall Sculptor’s Idol, leave the room from the far door, drop down, and get into the building with the white banner while killing enemies along the way and go past the Buddha Hall into the cave.

To the left crouch into the passage and keep moving ahead while killing enemies and enter another passage. Go up the ledge and kill the centipedes.

Grapple up twice and you will reach a Pagoda and you will find the “Senpou Esoteric Text” here. Use the nearby grapple point to get back to the main hall.

That is all for our Sekiro Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo Walkthrough Guide with tips on how to get the Senpou Esoteric Text, mini-boss fights, and more.

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