Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Abandoned Dungeon Walkthrough Guide – Crumbling Offering Tower, Shichimen Warrior

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Abandoned Dungeon Walkthrough Guide will help you 100% Abandoned Dungeon, find all the items, and defeat Shichimen Warrior.

Our Sekiro Abandoned Dungeon Walkthrough Guide will help you navigate through the Abandoned Dungeon so that you can get to Senpou Temple and continue your progress through the game. It is a fairly small area in which you will find “Surgeon’s Bloody Letter” and will be required to Shichimen Warrior.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Abandoned Dungeon Walkthrough

Abandoned Dungeon becomes available after completing the Ashina Castle. Abandoned Dungeon is more of a transition area but it has some secrets and an optional boss fights that you might not want to miss. Moreover, there is a side quest that you might want to complete.

Abandoned Dungeon

As you start in this region, go to the right to the small entrance. There will be undead along the way and some items for you to pick up. Make your way ahead and there will be a small hole to the left.

Crouch, make your way through, and you will be attacked by Crickets. Get out and grapple to the beams above. You will spot Doujun nearby – go ahead and talk to him. Answer “Yes” when he asks if you are a Shinobi.

He will give you a “Surgeon’s Bloody Letter” to deliver. This is optional and if you choose to deliver the letter, Doujun will move from his place and an eavesdropping opportunity will appear.

Now, move forward, make your way down the slope, and interact with Underground Waterway Sculptor’s Idol.

Go back to where you came from but stay on this floor. Keep moving ahead while killing enemies along the way and you will come to a Crumbling Offering Tower. Interact with it and it reads:

“Here lie the vassals of the Ashina Clan executed after the Great Rebellion. May their spirits rest.”

Keep moving forward and you will face an optional mini-boss.

Get back to Underground Waterway Sculptor’s Idol and swim across the water until you get to the boat. Kill the enemies here, go back into the water, and swim to the other side.

Kill the enemies and pull the lever to call the elevator. Go up the lift, interact with the Sculptor’s Idol, and you have arrived at *Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo*.

Shichimen Warrior Mini-Boss

If you want to face the optional mini-boss in the Abandoned Dungeon then travel to Bottomless Hole Idol. This mini-boss is close to the Sculptor’s Idol and you need to fight it up close due to it having ranged attacks.

Defeat it and you will receive Scrap Magnetite, Black Gunpowder, and Mibu Balloon of Soul.

That is all for our Shadows Die Twice Abandoned Dungeon Walkthrough Guide with tips on how to navigate through the area and how to get to the Senpou Temple.

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