Sea Of Thieves Private Crews Coming Next Week

Developer Rare has been listening to the community of Sea of Thieves and is adding content according to their wishes and now Rare has announced that Sea Of Thieves Private Crews is coming next week with a new update.

Sea Of Thieves Private Crews was originally supposed to land this week but due to the discovery of a bug at the last minute, the devs had to delay it because this particular bug would have ruined the experience of the PC version of the game.

Private Crews has been a much-asked feature by the community as many players just join a party through auto-match just for loot and don’t contribute much to the crew’s efforts. This update will solve this issue.

Speaking of the game, Sea Of Thieves has become the fastest-selling Rare game in the history of the studio. According to the NPD Group, Sea Of Thieves sold through the first month of its launch faster than any Rare title since the tracking began in 1995.

Sea of Thieves was the second best-selling game of March, and is the eighth best-selling game of 2018 year-to-date,” NPD analyst Mat Piscatella wrote. “Sea of Thieves generated the highest launch month sales for any title produced by developer Rare since tracking by The NPD Group began in 1995.

Furthermore, the game launched without ay meaningful content which was partly the reason why it got a mixed reception, however, the studio has noted that it will bring more content to the game through future updates.

According to the studio, the upcoming updates for the game will focus on adding more raw gameplay, maps, enemies, and more events.

Sea Of Thieves is an online-multiplayer game developed by Rare for PC and Xbox One.

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