More Content In Future Sea Of Thieves Updates, Gameplay, Maps, Enemies And Events

Most of the fans of Sea Of Thieves have complaints regarding the game's content. Apparently, the content of the game is very low.

If you ask any fan, what Sea Of Thieves, lacks? the answer most likely is that it lacks content and that is where Rare has shared some of its plans to increase the content level of the game in the future Sea Of Thieves Updates.

Mose of the fans of the game have shared that although the game is super great, there is not enough to do, apparently, you can only dig up so many treasures on a single island.

For that reason, developer Rare posted on the game’s official website that the future Sea Of Thieves Updates will focus on adding more raw gameplay, maps, enemies, and many events.

This comes as a good news for the fans of the game, as the fans have been complaining about the game content in the feedbacks for a while now.

Rare has not ignored those feedbacks, better yet, they already had plans to roll out more content of the game in the first several months after launch.

This is not the first time we are hearing about Sea Of Thieves Updates focus set on gameplay.

Just a few days back the developers did share that their prime focus has shifted from all other aspects to giving an improved and more entertaining gameplay experience.

According to Rare, in the month of May the devs will be having new materials for the game, which will include, The Hungering Deep; that focuses on a “new AI threat” and special event.

Furthermore, they will also be bringing, weekly events which shall bring, new mechanics as well as rewards.

As for approaching summer, players will get a new ship type through Cursed Sails as well as a new region in Forsaken Shores.

Both of these future Sea Of Thieves Updates will be introducing new gameplay dynamics, AI enemies as well as rewards.

The best part is that the new game content will be totally free, as detailed by Rare. So that would be something which the fans will perhaps enjoy.

That said, what are your thoughts? Do you think that the game lacks content? If Yes, what kind of improvements would you suggest? Let us know in the comments below.