Salt and Sacrifice The Undone Sacrifice Boss Guide

In this Salt and Sacrifice the Undone Sacrifice boss guide, we will be covering where you can find the Undone Sacrifice, how to defeat him and the rewards.

The Undone Sacrifice is the final boss of Salt and Sacrifice, serving as the ultimate test of your skills and progression. In this Salt and Sacrifice the Undone Sacrifice boss guide, we will be covering where you can find the Undone Sacrifice, how to defeat it and the rewards that you will get from this boss.

Salt and Sacrifice The Undone Sacrifice Boss Location

To find the Undone Sacrifice in the Elder Copse location. You need to head towards the end of the western path where you can loot a Treasure Pouch which contains Cerulean Tome of Fates just before you meet with the Husk.

Now to unlock the last of Fated Hunts, you need to make your way back to Runereader Diedala which is situated in Pardoner’s Vale.

Here, find the prompt towards the right of the Husk by getting back to the center in this area to get even closer to the Final boss.

Once you are ready, you can then throw Grappling Hook at it to make him reveal himself as The Undone Sacrifice Boss.

How to Defeat The Undone Sacrifice Boss

The Undone Sacrifice is the final boss; he really tests your dodge by employing a variety of deadly combos in both melee and range. His ranged attacks, in particular, are the most dangerous in this game, so the timing for dodging these moves should be right on spot to avoid them.

His moves are quite difficult to dodge, so you need to be on the move around continuously and watch for animation indicators for moves. You’ll have precious few windows to fight back and trading damage will not be favorable.

One of the moves the Undone Sacrifice uses involves him floating into the air and performing a ground shockwave. This shockwave is actually pretty short (both horizontally and how long it lasts) and can be avoided by performing a timely dodge.

Once you get the hang of dodging this shockwave, you can use it to your advantage. By dodging inwards at the right time, your invincibility frames will protect you from damage and you can throw in one or two hits in retaliation. DO not overextend though, as the Undone Sacrifice will be readying his next move.

Moving onto his more up close and personal attack, the Undone Sacrifice performs a Scythe combo. This combo involves 4 slashes with his scythe ending with a shockwave similar to the previous move we mentioned.

This move will likely hit you the most as it comes out really fast, has tracking and lasts for a good amount of time. The best way to deal with it is to doge away and wait for the combo to end.

The next move we’ll be discussing is an annoying combo where the Undone Sacrifice flies forward with his extended knee. This knee strike causes the Undone Sacrifice to travel across the screen, striking you in his path. However, this is part of a greater combo.

After the knee, the Undone Sacrifice slams his scythe into the ground and causes spikes to rise from the ground.

While you can roll next to him and strike him during this animation and even stagger him, the spikes will continue! so don’t start striking unless you’re sure you can tank 1 or 2 spikes. SPikes can also emerge from the same location so don’t expect to catch a breather if you’re far away.

The absolute best window of attack comes during his ranged move. In this move, the Undone Sacrifice floats bit into the air and spikes from his back start to float. These spikes will shoot out in the direction he is facing. So, dodge to his back and begin your assault.

After the Undone Sacrifice is defeated, you can interact to the tree he was bound to and pick either “climb” or “devour”. These lead to two different endings in Salt and Sacrifice.

The Undone Sacrifice Boss Rewards

  • Engrave Box
  • Silver x 795
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