Salt and Sacrifice Endings Guide

This guide will discuss all the endings in Salt and Sacrifice and cover the Undone Sacrifice Boss in detail. We’ll tell you how to defeat him and then discuss your options for ending the game.

Point of No Return

At the end of the game, you will face the Undone Sacrifice as your final enemy. You can find the boss at the very top of the Imperfect Shrine in the region of Elder Corpse.

Once you reach there, you will see the Undone Sacrifice tied to the tree. The fight will not start until you interact with the boss with your grapple hook. This is the game’s point of no return, so we suggest you do certain things beforehand.

If you go a little further, you will see the Cerulean Tome of Fates which will unlock the last set of Fated Hunts.

You can also save the game up to this point by going to the Obelisk you encountered on your way here, and interacting with it will autosave your game.

The Undone Sacrifice Boss Fight

This boss itself isn’t hard to defeat if your character is properly scaled and ready for the end of the game. The boss has a limited set of moves, most of which can be dodged or avoided easily. The boss has the following move set.

  • A multi-hit combo attack consisting of violent slashes and uppercuts. This can be avoided or parried, but parrying will suck up some of your health, and if you get caught in the attack, you will most probably die.
  • The boss can stomp on you twice before finally kicking you away. Look for hints and maintain a distance before the attack comes.
  • The Undone Sacrifice will summon a group of shards that will rain on you and deal massive amounts of damage. The best way to avoid them is by getting behind the enemy.
  • It can smash the ground with its scythe, and it will cause explosions to erupt from the ground, which can be dodged by keeping a distance.

The best strategy to take the boss down is by being patient and attacking at every opportunity you get while carefully avoiding the attacks. Rinse and repeat, and the victory shall be yours.

Salt and Sacrifice All Endings

Once you take the boss down, you will be presented with three options. The option you choose will decide how the game will end.

Climb Ending

If you choose to climb, your character will climb the tree and will automatically get chained to it. The camera will pan upwards, indicating the ending of the game.

Devour Ending

If you choose to devour, then your character will suck out the life from the tree, and the camera will pan upwards, indicating the game has ended. In the distance, you will see the town of Pardoner’s Vale being showered with meteors.

Do Nothing Ending

This option is pretty self-explanatory; selecting this will simply “Do Nothing.” Your character will keep standing there, and you can interact and choose another option after that.

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