Salt And Sacrifice Tome Of Fates Locations And Fated Hunts

In addition to the mage hunts in Salt and Sacrifice, you will have other boss battles to encounter. The following guide will tell you how to find Salt And Sacrifice Tome Of Fates for their respective Fated Hunts in the game.

What Are Fated Hunts In Salt And Sacrifice?

In Salt and Sacrifice, Fated Hunts are basically daily boss battles that can be unlocked by finding Tomes of Fate. These Fated Tomes are hidden across all of the zones in the game. Once you’ve found a Fated Tome, you must take them back to the hub in order use it.

Salt And Sacrifice Tome Of Fates Locations

When you’ve returned to Pardoner’s Vale, look for Runereader Diedela. She will activate your Fated Tome so that you can go on a daily hunt.

These randomly generated boss fights are an excellent way to level up. These boss fights also drop a few important resources that are specific to the level you fought the boss in. Fated Hunts is an excellent tool for upgrading and obtaining rare crafting ingredients because of this.

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Gray Tome Of Fates

Ashbourne Village has Gray Tome. You’ll need the Grappling Hook in Ashbourne Village and the Magnesin Supply (i.e., zipline) in Bol Gerahn to get Gray Tome. With these items, you can go to Ashpeak Castle, which is located to the left of the beginning site.

Whether you’re approaching from the main entrance or the cellar where Inquisitor Selet is, you’ll want to reach the parapets with falling platforms and grappling points. If you choose the top-left exit, you’ll be on a ledge with a grappling point and a zipline.

Ride the zipline to the other side after activating it. If you wish, kill the mobs there. Climb the ledge using the Grappling Hook and get the item. You can descend to the lower floor, which has an Obelisk and a Nameless Mage Hunt.

Similarly, the route to the right leads to a chest containing the Champion’s Armor Set, but the Luminstone from Corvius’ Mine is required to spawn the platforms.

Ochre Tome Of Fates

Bol Gerahn has Ochre Tome. If you’ve already made it to Bol Gerahn, you can return to the temple on the left side of the entrance area. Inside, climb the scaffolding to the right and leave. Once outside, grapple and enter the chamber from the higher doorway.

A gateway on the left side of the room will only open if you’ve swallowed three named mages. Inside is a Nameless Mage Hunt. The platforms here will collapse as you go up. When you reach the middle platform, jump and roll to the last one. The Shroud Invasion NPC is located along this passageway. This is where you need to go, up then right. There’s a blade trap and several mobs here, so be careful.

After leaving, return to the top and enter the door on the left. Kill or eliminate the mobs in the room. You must go to the bottom-left corner of the room. Up then left in the room, the Healer’s Armor Set is found in a small room. A Named Mage may be found if you continue upward and right. The Palatine Vanguard and Palatine Armor Set may be obtained later by passing through the blocked portal.

You could use the Grappling Hook while wall-jumping to get to the top if you traveled through the bottom-left corridor. Get the Altarstone Glaive from this location.

The Ochre Tome of Fates may be found in the next room. If you already spoke with Inquisitor Amben in Ashbourne Village, he is also in this room.

Cyan Tome Of Fates

Dreadstone Peak has Cyan Tome. To find this item, you must advance through the level. Continue to the right after killing Kraeaxenar, Wyrm of the Sky. You may chat to the sentient tree here, and it will tell you the next zone’s rune password.

There is an air current if you look about. Jump and trigger the Ethercloth Bolt, pushing the button at regular intervals to reduce fall damage. The item may be found near the bottom of the platform.

Cerulean Tome Of Fates

Elder Copse has Cerulean Tome. You’ll need to finish the majority of the level to get this tome. You’ll notice a fearsome fella tied to a tree after you’ve reached the top of the Imperfect Shrine.

Now is not the time to deal with it. When you interact with the tree, the game’s final boss will appear.

Continue to the left instead. The Cerulean Tome of Fates may be found on the roof’s edge. You can try to face the final boss at this point, however, slaying it will result in the game’s endings and New Game+ mode. As a result, all you must do now is return to Pardoner’s Vale and hand up this item in exchange for a certain Fated Hunt.

Emerald Tome of Fates

Corvius’ Mine has Emerald Tome.

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