Salt and Sacrifice Sapblood Heart Boss Guide

Salt and Sacrifice is filled with many bosses for you to defeat and many Mage Hunts to complete. This guide will help you defeat the Sapblood Heart Boss in Salt and Sacrifice as quickly as possible. We will be telling you Sapblood Heart’s location, how to defeat him, and the rewards he drops once you beat him.

Salt and Sacrifice Sapblood Heart Location

There’s this area in Salt and Sacrifice called Corvius’ Mire. Sapblood Heart can be found at this location. Enter the Corvius’ Mire, and you will see a platform right above the Obelisk. On that platform, there is a Treasure Pouch containing Grimgrip Cap.

There are multiple platforms right above each other. There is a wooden door to the right on the platform above the one you are standing, which will lead you to the right upper section of Corvius’ Mire.

There will be stairs to the west and a door you do not have to bother with. Just keep going upwards until you find the Sapblood Heart Boss.

How to Defeat Sapblood Heart

The Sapblood Heart will be hanging to the ceiling like a bat when entering the fighting arena. After a while, he will come to his normal state. Spirits will accompany him and will start attacking you. Below is a list of Sapblood’s attacks throughout the fight:

Sapblood sucks lots of air in, then releases a fog in the direction he is facing that will damage you on being hit. You can easily roll through because you’ll have some time when he is sucking in the air.

Sapblood sucks air again to perform a similar attack, but his attack will travel a much longer distance.

Sapblood also smashes his sword on the ground. There are two varieties of this attack. He simply smashes the sword to the ground, or first, he swings the sword towards you and then smashes it to the ground. You can dodge it by rolling away or not coming intact with Sapblood.

Sapblood runs to the other side of the arena like a bull. Roll away from him at the right time to dodge this attack.

The main headache of this fight that you will encounter is fighting the ghosts. The ghosts constantly float in the air and shoot you with bullets; their attacks will chip away your HP. But the downside is that you cannot attack those ghosts/spirits. Your only target would be Sapblood.

This fight won’t be easy, but you will emerge victorious and easily defeat Sapblood Heart by timing your dodges perfectly.

Sapblood Heart Drops/Rewards

After defeating the Sapblood Heart Boss in Salt and Sacrifice, you will be rewarded with the following items:

  • Engraved Box
  • Salt x 12,270
  • Silver x 460

These all are upgrade materials in Salts and Sacrifice.

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