How to Upgrade Tools in Rune Factory 5

Just like any other farming sim you have to upgrade your farming tools in Rune Factory 5 to improve your yields. This guide will give you complete details about upgrading farming tools in Rune Factory 5 and the recipes needed for those upgrades.

How to Upgrade Tools in Rune Factory 5

To upgrade your farming tools in RF5 you need the following things:

  • Forging License
  • Forge
  • Materials for an upgrade
  • Forge Skill required for the upgrade

How to Get a Forging License in RF5

You can just go buying and operating a forge in Rune Factory 5, you need a license. To get the forging license you will need to pass the forging exam in which you will be asked three questions by Eliza.

The answers to these questions are pretty simple but still, we have covered them for you.

Question 1: What do you need for Smithing?

Answer: Materials and RP.

Question 2: Where can you forge items?

Answer: At a Forge.

Question 3: When you have a recipe for a weapon you already own…

Answer: You need less RP to make it.

After you answer all questions correctly, you’ll pass the exam and obtain the forging license. With the license, you can now visit Palmo and purchase a forge for use.

Now you’ll need the recipe for a specific tool upgrade. You can learn these recipes by eating some recipe bread. Note that you can upgrade tools in RF5 without a recipe, but it’ll need more RP, so it’s not really recommended. Check out our guide here for farming tool recipes!

For materials, simply hop into a nearby dungeon and start farming all the ores and resources you require for the upgrade.

Finally, all you need now is sufficient Forge skill; This increases over time and as you make more items, so approach crafting sequentially.

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