Rune Factory 5 Farming Tool Crafting Recipes Guide

Farming is one of the most important aspects of Rune Factory 5. With all the new recipes to craft, you will need some handy tools. This guide will help you craft farming tools in Rune Factory 5. We will be going over all the Rune Factory 5 farming tool crafting recipes and ingredients you need to collect to craft them.

How to Get Farming Tool Crafting Recipes in Rune Factory 5

Farming is one of the most important parts of Rune Factory 5 as it helps you craft newer items that will help you later in the game. However, you should keep a few things in mind before crafting farming tools.

You should remember that crafting requires a license, and you’ll receive permission to craft items via the workshop using the Directive option.

Secondly, you must buy the workshop you’re looking to craft items in. Most importantly, you can craft items without needing a recipe. Still, it’s highly recommended to go for a recipe when crafting items for the best result.

For example: if you’re looking forward to baking bread, learn the bread recipe. If you’re unable to learn any recipe, you’re not eligible to do so since you’re at a level lower than what is required.

Therefore, it’s best to raise your skill level before learning a recipe. You can raise your skill level by using enhancements. For instance, use scrap metal items if you want to increase your forging level.

You can buy recipe Bread twice per day from Yuki at the bakery store. If two is not enough for you, you can upgrade the shop by simply heading to the Studio Palmo and using Gold, Stone, Lumber, and Seed points to upgrade the shop

Farming Tool Crafting Recipe Lists

Visit Ryker or Palmo (found at the furniture and renovations shop) to purchase Forge, which is required to forge Farming tools in Runes Factory 5.

Once done, you can now create recipes to craft your items. But make sure not to go for the newer recipes yet since they’ll cost you a lot of RP.

Below is a list of Farming Recipes with their respective Ingredients.

 Hoe Crafting Recipe

              Tool Name                                          Ingredients
Cheap Hoe Any Ore
Sturdy Hoe Bronze
Seasoned Hoe Silver
Shiny Hoe Gold
Blessed Hoe Platinum
General Hoe General Orb, Rune Sphere Shard, Thick Stick, Lotus Leaf

 Waterpot Crafting Recipe

              Tool Name                                         Ingredients
Cheap Waterpot Any Ore
Tin Waterpot Bronze
Lion Waterpot Silver
Rainbow Waterpot Gold
Joy Waterpot Platinum

Sickle Crafting Recipes

              Tool Name                                         Ingredients
Cheap Sickle Any Ore, Shards, or Fragments
Iron Sickle Bronze, Shards, or Fragments
Cheap Sickle Silver, Shards, or Fragments
Iron Sickle Gold, Shards, or Fragments
Legendary Sickle Platinum, Shards, or Fragments

Fishing Pole Crafting Recipes

              Tool Name                                         Ingredients
Cheap Pole Sticks and Stems
Beginner’s Pole Bronze, Sticks, and Stems
Skilled Pole Silver, Sticks, and Stems
Famous Pole Gold, Sticks, and Stems
Sacred Pole Platinum, Sticks, and Stems

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