Where to Find Skipjack in Rune Factory 5

With its success in previous Rune Factory games, the fishing mechanic is back in Rune Factory 5 with a lot more variety of fishes that you can catch. This guide will tell you Where to Find the Skipjack fish in Rune Factory 5 by providing its locations.

Where to Find Skipjack Fish in Rune Factory 5

Skipjack is one of the biggest fish in Rune Factory 5 and is common to find all around the world of Rune Factory 5.

Skipjacks can be gifted to other characters in the game to increase your Friendship Level with that character. Skipjacks are also a good food that you can cook and eat.

Below, we have included a brief description of where you can find Skipjacks in Rune Factory 5.

Skipjacks might be one of the biggest fish in the game, but these are found commonly in every pond. You can visit any pond on the map, and there is a chance for you to get a Skipjack.

However, the most common spot where you will find Skipjacks is at the Keron Pond, located on the first floor of Meline Crystal Caverns in Phoros Woodlands.

To catch a Skipjack, use a rod that you get at the start of the game. You can also craft a better rod to catch rarer fish and attract more of them.

When the fish is attached to the rod, look at its shadow. If it casts a big shadow, you have a Skipjack in your hands.

Now you can cook, gift, ship, or turn in the Skipjack as a request item.

This is all on how to catch a Skipjack in Rune Factory 5. You can check out more Rune Factory 5 guides on our website.