How to Marry Priscilla in Rune Factory 5

Priscilla is one of the 12 characters in the Rune Factory 5 that you can marry by building your relationship. You can confess your love for her and, after that, marry her. This guide will tell you complete details of how to marry Priscilla in Rune Factory 5.

How to Improve Relationship with Priscilla

Priscilla is a soft-spoken and shy character loved by her friend Lucy. She is a very kind-hearted girl and loves to help others. She has bright pink hair so it will be quite easy for you to recognize her.

You can find her at Elsje’s house and even in the town sometimes, and it wouldn’t be difficult for you to recognize her.

Every Character has its likes and dislikes in Rune Factory 5. Gifting them the items they like will help you increase your friendship level with them. Below you will find the items liked and disliked by Priscilla.

Liked Items

  • Apple Pie
  • Cheesecake
  • Hot Milk
  • Hot Chocolate

Disliked Items

  • Fish
  • Mushrooms

Priscilla likes cooked gifts like Hot Milk and Hot Chocolate. Getting these gifts ready is not a difficult job, and you can give her these gifts whenever you meet her to increase your friendship level with her.

You can boost your friendship with her greatly by giving her gifts on Spring 27 as this is her birthday.

How to Marry Priscilla in Rune Factory 5

Just like marrying any other character in the game, you have to complete three romantic Priscilla events for marrying Priscilla. These events can be found easily by following the pink icon on the map. The Pink Icon will appear on the map once the event is available.

Priscilla Romantic Events

The following are the three Priscilla romantic events that you have to complete to increase your friendship level with her.

Gathering Mushrooms

In this event, you have to gather mushrooms with Priscilla. First, you have to go to the east gate and meet Priscilla there. After that, you can enter the Whispering Woods to collect the mushrooms with her.

The next day, go to the Great Tree Plaza at 7 am later to complete the first event.

Once you have completed the Gathering Mushrooms event, you must meet Priscilla at the southeast hill close to the beach area. Meeting her there will complete another event.

Like a Princess

After completing the first two events, you have to meet her at the Great Tree Plaza, and after that, visit the following locations to complete this event.

  • Belpha Ruins
  • Blue Moon Inn
  • Studio Palmo
  • Rigbarth Clinic
  • Great Tree Plaza

After completing these events, you have to complete Priscilla’s final story event to move forward in building a relationship with her.

Once you have done that and have a friendship level at 7 hearts, you can confess your love for her and marry her after completing the following requirements.

  • Have an Engagement Ring
  • Have met everyone in town
  • Have a Double Bed

Once you fulfill these requirements, you can marry Priscilla and grow your family with her.

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