Where to Find Goblin Archer in Rune Factory 5

Side Quests are a major part of Rune Factory series, but just because they are side quests, does not mean they are not that easy. This guide will help you find Goblin Archer in Rune Factory 5 by highlighting its exact location for one such side quest.

Where to Find Goblin Archer in Rune Factory 5

The first side quest series you get in Rune factory 5 is the Wanted Monster quests. These are fairly simple quests where you need to go and find the Wanted Monsters and then capture them. To do so, you need to reduce their HP and then capture them.

This sounds very simple, but since the Monsters are fugitives, finding them is the major task of the side quests, and all the monsters are not so easily found in the world of Rune Factory 5.

With just the last known location where the monsters were spotted, it may give you a huge area to look for the monsters, which is of course not an easy task.

One of the most difficult to find and elusive monsters in these quests is the Goblin Archer. The only clue you get is “Last Seen: Phoros Woodlands”.

Now Phoros Woodland is a huge area and you will probably be running around clueless in the huge area looking for a sneaky goblin.

Goblin Archer Location

Goblin Archer appears after you talk to Livia and select to hunt down Goblin Archer. He will appear in the Southern part of Phoros Woodlands.

Again, Phoros Woodland is huge and so is its southern part. As soon as you enter the Phoros Woodlands, take the south path. It will lead down straight to a bridge.

Cross the bridge and then turn right to see a cave next to the bridge. Head inside the cave and here, you will find the Goblin Archer you want to capture. Follow the dotted path as shown in the image to get the Goblin Archer Livia wants you to get.

Rune Factory 5 Goblin Archer Location

There are a lot of Goblin Archers in the game, but that does not mean that capturing any random Goblin Archer will get the job done.

In case you are having any trouble, you can see an aura of red glow around the monster you are supposed to capture so that it stands out from the rest of the mobs, as shown here.

Once you capture the monster, talk to Livia again in the town to complete the quest and get your rewards. The reward you get for capturing the Goblin Archer is a Cooking Bread x 1.

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