Where to Find Goblin Archer in Rune Factory 5

This guide will help you find Goblin Archer in Rune Factory 5 by highlighting its exact location in the Phoros Woodlands.

Side quests are a major part of Rune Factory 5 that help you gain levels and resources. Amongst these, Wanted Monster quests is the first series where you must capture monsters by reducing their HP. One such monster is the Goblin Archer, who is tricky to find and the only clue you get is “Last Seen: Phoros Woodlands” in Rune Factory 5.

This guide will help you track down the sneaky fugitive with his exact location, tips on how to capture him, and reward you will receive.

Goblin Archer Location

To begin the quest, you need to talk to Livia first and ask her for assistance in searching for the Goblin Archer.

Next, you need to head to the Southern part of Phoros Woodlands and go to the wooden bridge above the lake as shown in the map below.

On your path towards the bridge, you will encounter many Goblin Archers, so capturing them will not accomplish the job.

After crossing the bridge, turn right into a cave, this is where you will find the Goblin Archer. One distinction of the correct monster is that it will have a red aura on it, so you will find your real Goblin Archer here in Rune Factory 5.

Drain your target to a fair lower level first and then capture him as the right arrow appears on it.

Reward for Capturing Goblin Archer in Rune Factory 5

After capturing your monster, talk to Livia and collect your reward of Cooking Bread x1.

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