How to Marry Fuuka in Rune Factory 5

Fuuka is a wild drifter who travels from one country to another, making her one of the most appealing characters in Rune Factory 5. This information alone is enough to fall in love with her. This guide will show you how to marry Fuuka in Rune Factory 5.

How to Improve Relationship with Fuuka

Fuuka is arguably one of the most attractive characters in Rune factory 5. Her lifestyle is all about traveling, as she used to travel from place to place before settling in Rigbarth.

Despite not knowing the human language, she can still detect if she’s being lied to by someone. In addition, she has an overall honest personality which makes her quite pleasing to be with.

Before you actually marry Fuuka or any Rigbarth resident, you must first create a bond with them. This can be done by increasing your heart level.

The process is really simple. Just bring the resident some gifts, and within a few moments, you’ll see your heart level increasing along with the level of friendship you’re on with your character.

You can then visit the menu to check your relationship status in real-time.

Fuuka Favorite Items

To improve a relationship with any character in RF5, you must present them with gifts. Those gifts can be in the form of things that they like. To get the best out of any gift, make sure to give it to the person on their birthday.

Below is a list of items that Fuuka likes:

  • Jewels
  • Fish

To create a truly loving relationship with your partner, you must know their dislikes and Fuuka, as many of them. So, to avoid getting rejected here’s a list of items Fuuka dislikes:

  • Green Peppers
  • Carrots
  • Pickled Turnips

How to Marry Fuuka in Rune Factory 5

To marry Fuuka, you must complete a few tasks that are assigned to you. If you manage to complete all of them, you’ll impress Fuuka, and she’ll want to marry you. Requirements such as:

  • Complete all three of the standard Fuuka events to trigger a pink icon on the map.
  • Complete Fuuka’s last story event.
  • Meet all the residents in the town.
  • Unlock and craft a ring for the engagement.
  • Reach heart level 10.
  • Find a double bed.

Once all these requirements have been completed, get ready to propose to Fuuka.

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