How to Marry Beatrice in Rune Factory 5

Beatrice belongs to a noble background and lives in seclusion in Rune Factory 5. The following guide will show you how to marry Beatrice in Rune Factory 5 with details about her likes and dislikes.

How to Marry Beatrice in Rune Factory 5

To marry Beatrice, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Players need to complete three normal Beatrice’s events which will appear on the map as pink icons.
  • Complete the final story event of Beatrice.
  • Meet everyone in the town.
  • Unlock and make the engagement ring.
  • Increase her hearts to ten.
  • Players need to possess a double bed.

How to Increase Beatrice’s Hearts

Beatrice resides at the Belpha Ruins located in the outer region of town. You need to meet her regularly and give her gifts to increase your friendship with her.

You should especially give her a gift on her birthday which is in Winter 5. This can provide you with some useful extra points. However, be careful when choosing the item to gift her.

Items Beatrice likes

Gifting one of the items below will help increase your friendship with Beatrice.

  • Strawberries
  • Apples
  • Fruit Sandwiches

Items Beatrice dislikes

At the same time, these are the items that you should never have on you if you’re interested in marrying her.

  • Doria
  • Gratin

You can also invite her to a party along with two other characters as another way of increasing your friendship with Beatrice.

Beatrice is one of the most easiest characters to please in Rune Factory 5. You just need one big strawberry harvest to boost your relationship with her and reach heart level 7. Confess and she’ll let you date her.

Remember that in Rune Factory 5, you can date multiple characters at the same time but can only marry one.

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