Roberto Baggio And Fabio Cannavaro Icon Cards Will Be Present In FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

EA Sports has announced the Icon Cards for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, Roberto Baggio, and Fabio Cannavaro along with their statistics.

Just recently EA Sports has announced that in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, the two of the amazing Italian sports legend, Roberto Baggio, and Fabio Cannavaro Icon Cards will be present.

The statistics for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team icon cards, for Roberto Baggio and Fabio Cannavaro, have also been unveiled. EA Sports took its official Twitter account and posted the images of the icon cards for both the players.

Now, Baggio in terms of Pace has 86 score while for shooting 84, followed by passing and as everyone who has seen him play, would be happy to see his score of 92, with 92 for dribbling while the defense is pretty down with 40 and physical with a 60. So Baggio in total bags in an amazing 92 as center attacking midfielder.

Cannavaro on the other hand, as you can see has a heavy pace and physical so he gets 80 and 85. While for shooting a low 43, passing 63, dribbling 68 but defense with an amazing 95. Cannavaro bags in a total of 92 with his best position as a center back.

To be honest there is far more optimism among fans, for FIFA 19 than pessimism. While there are a lot of things, improvements, and features that fans are concerned about, the anticipation is something that does not seem to tramble.

Fans know that whether or not EA brings in those demanded improvements, such features like the new dynamic tactics, or the Survival mode, which apparently has caught a lot of attention among fans.

Moreover adding perks like Fortnite dances in FIFA 19 celebrations, are some of the things that keep the fan base intact.

Also the fact that the FIFA World Cup recently concluded, the hype is very much at the top, so at the moment fans just want to get their hands on the game and check out the new features. Still, there is some time left, FIFA 19 is scheduled to roll out on September 28, 2018, so the excitement continues.