FIFA 19 Survival Mode Confirmed, Very Much Like FIFA Street Last Man Standing

FIFA 19 is in the headlines and why shouldn’t it be? The timing is perfect, FIFA World Cup just recently came to an end and following that there, have been various information reveals regarding the game, however, the latest one seems to really have shaken the ground from underneath the fans. It seems to be that FIFA 19 Survival Mode has been confirmed and from what we know so far, it seems very much similar to FIFA Street Last Man Standing.

This news came to our attention, from a recently published German game magazine, in which FIFA 19 Survival Mode was confirmed. Since it made its entry in a recognized news magazine, it would be illogical to argue on its legitimacy. Unless they somehow published a wrong news by mistake or on purpose, which is highly unlikely.

Having said that form what has been revealed so far, the rules for FIFA 19 Survival Mode remind us of FIFA Street Last Man Standing. In which with every goal, the player of the leading team reduced, until the last man was standing.

Turns out same are the rules for this one, so among so many various features and modes in this upcoming game, this one seems to be the real catch for fans, at the moment.

With that said, obviously, this has nothing to do with the real football but it definitely, can serve as a form of novelty and offer gamers, a cutting-edge football gaming experience.

FIFA Street and the FIFA Street Last Man Standing was very popular back when it rolled out, it gave a very new take to the classic football game. However, due to some unforeseen reasons street did not continue.

Now though it seems like, with this new FIFA 19 Survival Mode, those old nostalgiac feelings are bound to come. That said, for those who think that they have missed out on the news related to some of the features, then worry not because we have that all in one place.

So are are you excited about FIFA 19? Let us know what you think in the comments below.