Resident Evil Village Masks Locations Guide

We will be showing you how to get out of Castle Dimitrescu in RE8 by finding the masks using this Resident Evil Village Masks Locations

We have made a Resident Evil Village Masks Locations guide for you to consult and find all four Angel Masks scattered all around in the castle. You will have to find those masks and put them on the faceless statues in the hall in order to entirely complete the objective.

Resident Evil Village Masks Locations

As you enter the hall of the four in Castle Dimitrescu, you will see four faceless statues in there. The hall of the four is opposite to the main hall and each of these faceless statues has one mask that belongs to them and you have to find these masks and put them in their right positions.

First, you need to find the masks in Castle Dimitrescu and then you will have to use your ‘Observe’ skill to check the fitting at the back of the mask to put it on the right statue. You can find all of Resident Evil Village Masks Locations using our guide.

Once you have the masks in your possession they need to be put on the statues after observing the engravings on back of them as follows:

  • Mask of Joy has one peg so it goes on the respective statue
  • Mask of Sorrow has two
  • Mask of Rage has three
  • Mask of Pleasure has Four

Below, you can find the locations for all Masks in Castle Dimitrescu in RE 8 Village.

Mask of Sorrow

Go to the second floor of the castle and into the chambers of Lady Dimitrescu. This will be your first encounter with the lady herself, and she will throw you down into the hall of sorrow. Don’t be relieved though, the Lady Dimitrescu will keep hunting you until you reach the mask.

Unlock the door in front of you with the key from Lady Dimitrescu and you will see the mask of sorrow right in front of you. Take the mask from the statue in front of you and get to the hallway above.

Mask of Joy

For this mask, get to the ground floor and make your way to the library. Here you will need the Iron Insignia key. If you don’t have it already, you can collect it by playing the piano in the Opera Hall. The piano has to be played in unique manner in which you have to adjust the height of each new note so that it corresponds to the notes on the paper.

Once you do this the piano puzzle will be solved and you will get the key. Now use this key to open the library door, and you will be greeted by one of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters inside the library.

This time you will have to kill Dimitrescu’s daughter once and for all in order to move forward and continue your search for the mask of joy. Once you are done with the fight, you will see a statue on the right side in the library with the Mask of Joy.

Mask of Rage

The next up on the list is the mask of rage, and for this one, you will have to go to the Atelier. The mask of rage is actually in the tower of rage and before you reach to the tower you will have to go to the attic and then to the rooftop.

But before you do any of that, complete the Five Bells puzzle in the Atelier area, then go on the rooftop and make sure to find the zipline on the roof, which is on the right side in the Belfry tower.

Use this zipline to get to the tower of rage, and you will find the mask inside. Then, get to the ladder and use the elevator to get back to the castle’s first floor.

Mask of Pleasure

For this one, get to the castle’s main hall, which is east of the Hall of the Four. Climb the stairs to the second level of the hall and go through a door on your right. The door will have a mouth etched on it. At the end of this hallway, you will see the entrance to the hall of pleasure.

The mask of pleasure will be right in front of you inside the hall of pleasure, but when you grab the mask, the door behind you will be locked, and now you won’t be able to get out of the hall. Instead, you will have to go forward and through the armory, where you will have to face another daughter of Lady Dimitrescu.

Grab the animal skull mask and put it on the statue head to replace the mask of pleasure when you take that off of the statue. Now the door will be opened again, and you have all the masks in your possession now.

Get back to the hall of the four and place all the masks in their right positions. The process from here on is straightforward, you just have to place all four of the masks on the right statues, and the door of the hall will be unlocked, and you will be able to get out of Castle Dimitrescu. Also, keep an eye out for Lady Dimitrescu, as she will try to attack you while you are still trying to escape.