How to Solve the Five Bells Puzzle in Resident Evil Village

In this guide, we will tell you how to solve the Bells Puzzle at Castle Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village and access a new area.

The Resident Evil series is known for its cryptic puzzles with elaborate mechanisms. You’ll be happy to know that RE 8 Village has loads of these puzzles, which range from simple to headachingly tricky ones. In this guide, we will tell you how to solve the Bells Puzzle at Castle Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village Bells Puzzle

You will encounter the RE Village bell puzzle in Dimitrescu castle in the Atelier situated on the 2nd floor right after you pass the library. You have to pass through this section in your pursuit of the Mask of Rage.

The room has a big portrait of the enchanting (and horrifying) Lady Dimitrescu and a hanging machine. Thankfully all you will see of Lady Dimitrescu is her terrifying portrait, she won’t actually follow you into this room, so you can at least solve the puzzle in peace.

You need to shoot 5 bells here so that the big Dimitrescu Portrait opens up the way to a new Attic, and grants access to the castle’s roof and a shiny new weapon but you will need a lot of cash to upgrade the new addition to your arsenal of weapons.

Five Bell Puzzle Solution

You can find the five bells spread throughout Castle Dimitrescu as below:

Bell #1
As soon as you enter the room, go straight to find the first bell next to a headless black statue, shoot it and proceed to the next bell.

Bell #2
For the second one, look at the right side of the big portrait right above its shoulder; there will be a small bell here that you need to shoot.

Bell #3
The next bell is attached to the swinging pendulum. To shoot this one, go up the stairs on the left side of the room and peek through the opening inside the wall adjacent to where the stairs end. You will be able to see the pendulum and the bell attached to it.

Bell #4
For the fourth bell, you need to stand on the top side of the stairs, and look behind you. Here you will see a large window on the ceiling, connecting to a sidewall. Shoot the glass down to see the bell outside and then shoot it.

Bell #5
The last bell is attached to the chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Now that you are on the stairs, shoot the chandelier so that it swings, revealing the bell, time your shot right during its swing and shoot the bell.

Once you have shot all the bells in RE8 Village, the portrait will open a new pathway to the attic that you can access now.