Resident Evil Village Lady Dimitrescu Boss Guide

In this Resident Evil Village Lady Dimitrescu Boss guide, we’ll explain how to take down the fan-favorite giant vampire lady in Resident Evil Village.

In this Resident Evil Village Lady Dimitrescu Boss guide, we’ll explain how to take down and defeat the fan-favorite giant vampire lady in RE Village.

Resident Evil Village Lady Dimitrescu Boss

Lady Dimitrescu is one of the very first bosses that you’ll fight in Resident Evil 8. The fight initiates inside Castle Dimitrescu, and then, eventually, you find yourself fighting the Boss on the rooftop.

You’ll have your first interaction with lady Dimitrescu when you’re collecting statue marks. However, all you have to do for now is to avoid her and try to stay out of her path.

The real trouble begins when you pull the Dagger of Death’s Flowers from the coffin. You’ll find her in your way, and you’ll eventually end up stabbing her with the dagger.

This is where the battle begins. The battle has two phases, and winning both of them will reward you with Crystal Dimitrescu.

Phase 1
The beautiful Lady Dimitrescu will then turn into a giant flying monster and take the battle onto the rooftop.

Even though you’ll have a huge target, all of your attacks should be aimed at Lady Dimitrescu and not any other part of the monster. The target will be easier to spot, given the Boss’s white skin.

The sniper rifle will be your best weapon of choice for the first phase, as you’ll have to maintain your distance from the Boss. Keep shooting her, and flies leaving her body after every successful shot will confirm that your bullet hit the target.

A problem might arise when you start to run out of ammo. For that reason, explore the tower section. You might find what you’re looking for there.

Phase 2
The second phase of the battle will begin as soon as you find yourself being smashed against the castle wall. The pace of the battle with Lady Dimitrescu will quicken now, and you’ll require a short-range weapon. A shotgun or a revolver would do the trick for you.

Be on your feet, and avoid taking too much damage. At the same time, keep shooting her. Only the weapon has changed. The strategy should stay the same. To avoid taking too much damage, consider taking refuge behind the castle walls.

Keep repeating this attack pattern, and soon enough, Lady Dimitrescu will be defeated.

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