Resident Evil Village Combinable Treasures Guide

In RE 8 Village, you’ll find many treasures scattered across the many locations you’ll visit. In this Resident Evil Village Combinable Treasures guide, we’ll tell you all the treasures that are combinable so that you can get the most Lei for selling them as a bundle!

Resident Evil Village Combinable Treasures

While you’ll be tempted to sell treasures to the Duke in RE Village to make some quick Lei, it’s better to wait and see if you can combine them to make them complete and more valuable. There are a few different combinable treasures. Therefore, we shall continue in the order you will be able to find them in the game.

Once you have the combinable treasures in your inventory, you need to use the triangle button to scroll through the treasures tab in RE8 Village and combine the ones discussed below:

Azure Eye
Azure Eye is the first combinable treasure in RE 8 Village that you can find after you have the Insignia Key item. You need to go to B1 Kitchen after getting the key and then enter the special chambers by shoot the wall. Once inside, shoot the lanterns, so the fires are lit.

Initially, you want to go down the prison to take on some Moroaicas in the dungeon area then proceed to make your way to the locked door. Use the Insignia Key to open the door and complete a puzzle. The puzzle is complex, but the shortest way to complete it is to find a cracked wall near the light source and look for a pipe bomb to blow the wall. This way, you’ll expose a Torch behind it.

Crouch down and keep firing the two braziers till you light both of them up. Note that to light them up, they must be swung towards each other. For the shots, there’s a handgun with ammo inside the crate.

Silver Ring
Silver Ring can be combined with Azure eye. To obtain the ring, you need to go to Castle Dimitrescu in RE Village. On the first floor, in the Hall of Pleasure, search the dresser.

Wooden Animal Body
After you have completed Castle Dimitrescu, a house just east of Maiden of War will unlock. Inside the house, go upstairs where you can find this, which can be combined with Wooden Animal Head.

Wooden Animal Head
After you have the Well Wheel Key item, use it on the well found next to Maiden of War in the Village. Once the well is raised, you will find this item which can be combined with Wooden Animal Body.

Madelina Body
There is a house right next to Locked Luthiers House in RE Village and the Goat of Warding, head inside the house where you can find this item which is combinable with Madelina Head.

Necklace with Two Holes
This item can be retrieved from the well found right behind the 1F Village church. Lift the bucket inside of the well to find the necklace with two holes. In order to sell this treasure to Duke, you need to acquire two gems,  Pigeon Blood Ruby and Large Ruby, to combine them with.

Large Pigeon Blood Ruby
Return to the Ceremony Site to jump down the bridge. Use your crank to bring the bridge down and take the boat to the river. After reaching the Dock, head left to come across yet another bridge. Use the same strategy as before, and lower the bridge down using the crank. Cross the bridge to find a Craftsman’s hut.

Use the window to reach the well, follow the ladder down the well to reach a puzzle. Then, head up the platform to reach another platform and finally onto a ledge.

You’ll find a control panel here. Simply raise the two platforms at the end by hitting the two white lights. Cross sides and push the cart ahead towards the minecart on the platform. Once reached, push it down thus creating a platform for you.

From here, you must drop down to find a chest with the Large Pigeon Blood Ruby inside.  Now once you’ve acquired both gems, you can combine them to create a Dimitrescu’s Necklace worth 50,000 Lei.

Madelina Doll
You will already have the Madelina Body by now; in case you don’t, simply head right of the shack of Luthier’s House to find it. Right next to Locked Luthiers House in RE Village and the Goat of Warding, head inside the house where you can find this item which is combinable with Madelina Head.

As for the head, while on your way back from Beneviento house, where you found the Luthier’s key item, you will find a well in the 1F Garden area. Inside the well is the head you are looking for.

Mechanical Cylinder
In B4 Heisenberg’s Factory, look for a breakable wall with a big yellow X written on it, the same area where you need to place the Cog in the factory. Behind the wall, you will find this, which is to be combined with Mechanical Shaft.

Mechanical Shaft
Use the Heisenberg’s Key item to unlock the door taking you to B4 Heisenberg’s Quarter. Once there, you will be able to find the item.

These are all the combinable items that you can sell to Duke and stock up on Lei. This will unlock not only the Repairer trophy but also the treasure hunter achievement in Resident Evil Village.