Resident Evil Village All Goats of Warding Locations Guide

RE 8 Village has many different collectibles that you can find throughout the game. One of these is the Goats of Warding. This Resident Evil Village Goats of Warding Locations guide will help you find all the Goats in RE8 Village.

Resident Evil Village All Goats of Warding Locations

The villagers use these goat statues to worship Mother Miranda. A plaque at the first one ominously says that destroying them will incur Mother Miranda’s wrath, but we’re not afraid!

Previous Resident Evil titles offered in-game rewards for completing such tasks. However, Resident Evil 8 does not offer much, other than achievement or trophy. This is only worthwhile for all the completionists out there.

How to Find Goats in RE Village

There are 20 of these small Goat shaped statues in Resident Evil Village. When you’re close to one, it will make a rocking noise. To register each one as found, you must shoot it, at which point it will disappear.

Here are all the RE Village Goat statues in the order they can be found in the game.

Goat Statue #1
In the village graveyard, after you get through the first Lycan attack and have bumped into the old woman in The Village, you will get to a courtyard. Here, go to the outer gate, next to the church. On your right will be the first Goat of Warding on a small pedestal.

Goat Statue #2
Once you have shot the first statue, head to the church building. Look on the roof of the church from outside to spot the second Goat of Warding.

Goat Statue #3
In the Fallow Plot, near Luzia’s house, explore the area and head east of the two small buildings. From here, at the end of the map, look on the wall just next to the large gate. It is easier to get it after finishing Castle Dimitrescu.

Goat Statue #4
After you escape the dungeon where Heisenberg captured you, you will enter a vineyard. Here, there will be three rows of crops here. Look at the end of the middle row to find the fourth Goat of Warding.

Goat Statue #5
After completing the Hall of Ablution puzzle, you will head towards the catacombs. After the descending ladder, look around the room. In the corner where the candles are is where you will find the next Goat of Warding.

Goat Statue #6
Once reach the Attic after you have solved the Bell puzzle in Atelier Room, turn around as soon as you emerge from the ladders. Look at the back of the room and the statue will be on top of a box.

Goat Statue #7
Once you reach the ceremony site, you will come to a set of stairs leading to a bridge. Cross the bridge and turn left on the stairs leading down to the dock.

Head down the steps further and enter the small room that will be ahead of you, under the bridge. Inside is an enemy and the statue on the ground.

Goat Statue #8
You will return to the courtyard with the Maiden of War statue for the second time. This time, go behind the church and use the Iron Insignia key to enter the graveyard. At the back corner of the graveyard on the right side is where you will find the statue. It will be behind a small mausoleum.

Goat Statue #9
In the village area, you can now access the two buildings that were previously locked. When you get to these buildings, look on top of the grate between both of them to find the statue. The Statue will be on a small shed covering firewood on the side of the building.

Goat Statue #10
Unlock the door to the north of the Altar in the village. Follow the path and get to the wooden bridge. On the bridge, look on the bridge next to the bridge you are standing on to find the next Goat of Warding.

Goat Statue #11:
Before you enter the House Beneviento, turn left and descend the stairs. At the edge of the cliff, look at the railing to spot the statue.

Goat Statue #12
This statue is in Moreau’s territory. Here, you will go through a short chase sequence and after it, you will meet Duke. Take the only other exit of the building and follow the straight path until you get to the windmill. Follow the path to the right of the windmill and the statue will be at the end, hidden among the woods.

Goat Statue #13
After the fish chase in Moreau’s territory, push the crate in water to progress. From the vantage point, look north and you will see a few sticks sticking out of the lake where the mill crumbled. On the highest piece is the statue of the Goat of Warding. Shoot it now as you cannot get it later in the game.

Goat Statue #14
You will return to where you got on the boat before the fish sequence after you are done with Morea Boss fight. Here, you will see that a new path has opened up. Follow it and as soon as you get through the destroyed windmill, look to your left to spot the statue.

Goat Statue #15
This one is under Otto’s Mill. Follow the river upstream and once you reach under the building, you will find the Goat of Warding. To get to the river, take a left before the dark staircase leading up to the Stronghold.

Goat Statue #16
Once you are done with the Lycan fight in the Stronghold, use the zipline to progress. You will land at a spiral staircase. Descend it to find the statue at the end of it. The statue will be on your right.

Goat Statue #17
You will have to get into the Ventilation Duct in Heisenberg’s factory. Here, a giant fan will suck you in and you will have to shoot it to disable it. After you are done with the fan and on the level below, head towards the Grinder Shaft and at the end of the path will be the Goat of Warding statue.

Goat Statue #18
After the boss fight with the Propeller Head Man, enter the control room. Opposite the entrance is a small vent you can crawl through. Doing so will lead you into the next room with the Goat of Warding statue.

Goat Statue #19
Use the lift to travel between B1 and B3 and face the left opening from looking at the Duke. You’ll see the goat go past on a girder for less than a second. It will be on a red support beam. Grab your shotgun, perfect your timing, and blast it as it flashes past. You can also try to snipe it from below once the lift has stopped.

Goat Statue #20
The final Goat of Warding statue is found when playing as Chris Redfield. After you plant the bomb in Megamycete, look to your right as soon as the cutscene ends. Behind the spikes is the final Goat of Warding Statue.

These are the locations of all the Goats of Warding Statues in Resident Evil Village.

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