Resident Evil Village All Files Locations Guide

Our Resident Evil Village Files Locations Guide goes over the locations of all the files available in the all-new RE Village.

Our Resident Evil Village All Files Locations Guide goes over the locations of all the file collectibles available in the all-new RE8 Village and how to find these lore-expanding collectibles.

Resident Evil Village Files Locations

Files are one of the many collectibles up for grabs in Resident Evil Village. There are 47 files in total for you to read throughout RE Village in order to acquire the Bookworm Achievement/Bookworm Trophy.

In this Files Locations guide, we’ve outlined the location of each one of these files in Resident Evil Village. So, let’s get started!

Flies in Ethan and Mia’s House

After putting Rose to bed, instead of approaching Mia, firstly head for the four files found here. You can’t get into the RE8 Village menu at this point, so there’s no map reference.

Fridge Memo
On the fridge.

Old News Clipping
Head upstairs and then go to the room towards your left. It’s on the shelf.

Ethan’s Diary
On the computer placed in the small side study in Ethan’s bedroom.

Medical Checkup Report
Inside the dresser, draw to the right of the computer in the study.

En Route to the Village

The file at this stage of the game becomes accessible once you resume control of Ethan after leaving the house. Its indication will be the ringing of a mobile phone. Before continuing to head towards the village, follow the ringing sound.

It’s important to note that you won’t have any RE Village map reference here either.

Mission Briefing
Next to the body at the back of the van.

The Village and Beyond Files

All the remaining 42 files can be accessed from the Village onwards. Try to get your hands on them as soon as possible since some of them disappear once you finish a boss’s location.

More importantly, for these files, you’ll have the in-game menu for map references to help you out as well.

Scribbled Note
Head past the red gate, and you’ll find this file in the first house, inside the room with the painted floor.

Goats of Warding Placard
As you make your way to the center of the village, you’ll come across it as part of ornate decoration.

Dangerous Creatures
On a chair in the first room of  Luiza’s House.

Guest Book
As soon as you enter Castle Dimitrescu, ascend the stair, and you’ll find it on the dresser on the left.

The Labyrinths
To the right-hand side of the Duke in the 1F Merchant’s Room in Castle Dimitrescu.

Winemaking History
Inside the 2F Wine Room in Castle Dimitrescu.

A Maid’s Diary
When you escape the sisters in Castle Dimitrescu by jumping down a pit, it can be found in the bottom rack of the cart.

Treatment Candidates
In one of the cells in the darkened dungeon area in Castle Dimitrescu after you solve the swinging light puzzle.

Observation Report
Right next to the previous file.

A Cook’s Diary
Found in the 1F Kitchen in Castle Dimitrescu after your first Dimitrescu sister boss fight.

Alcina Dimitrescu’s Diary
Found in 2F Dimitrescu’s Chambers after the cutscene.

Grand Chambermaid’s Notice
Once you’ve opened up the locked door in Castle Dimitrescu from the Courtyard, ascend the stair to find this file on a chest.

Further Observations
From the location of the previous file, go straight down the hall to acquire this book.

Insect Observations Journal
Close to the piano in Castle Dimitrescu.

Rumors of a Dagger
Pass through the Hall of Joy and solve the bell puzzle in the Atelier to get to the attic, where you’ll find it in one of the corners.

Craftsman’s Note
In the small shack that you’ll find after beating Lady Dimitresu and leaving the Castle.

Leonardo’s Message
In the village, make your way inside the house that’s just to the right of the “Maiden of War” marker on the map. You’ll find this file on the kitchen table of this house.

Note on the Luthier’s House
Continue on from the location of the previous file, defeat the armored Lycan on your way and then, turn left. Now, break the locked door of the left-most house. You’ll find this file at the entrance.

Eugen’s Diary
Continue with the story, and you’ll eventually come across the house with a red chimney. Make use of the hole in its roof to head inside the place. You’ll find this file next to the Four-Winged Key item.

Church Computer
In the village church.

Gardener’s Diary
Leaving the Beneviento house will unveil a new area along the garden path. Head into this area, and you’ll find it in the corner of the same house where you’ll obtain the Sun and Moon Ball key item.

Vastile’s Final Testament
After opening the Four-Winged Onboard door, head to the Moreau’s area. Here, a cutscene with a giant wolf will be prompted. When it ends, you’ll find the file on a nearby corpse.

The Reservoir and the Giant Fish
In the shack near the boat after you leave the Moreau’s mine area.

Changing the Cranks
Inside a truck on your path, after you leave the control room and the Duke’s shop.

Moreau’s Diary 1
After you empty the lake and see Moreau run away, head to the next house on the linear path. Inside, you’ll find this file.

Moreau’s Diary 2
After killing Moreau, continue on the only path available. You’ll find this file in a small room off to the left before the locked door.

Moreau’s Diary of Experiments
In the house at the top of Moreau’s Lab, beside the Magnum.

Analysis Results
Use the Crank from Moreau’s to get access to the boat between the Altar and the Ceremony site. Take this boat to the left, and when on land, head into the cave inside, which you’ll find this file alongside some ammo and a weapon part.

Ernest’s Diary
In Otto’s Mill, in the room with all the meat on the table.

Officer’s Diary
After encountering several Lycans in the Stronghold, descend the spiral staircase and squeeze through a wall. You’ll find this file alongside a typewriter.

Experiment Notes
Found underground in the Fallow Plot area in the space resembling a dungeon.

Development Note 1
In Heisenberg’s Factory, in the same room as the Cog Mold key item.

Development Note 2
Besides the Grinder Shaft on a small table in Heisenberg’s Factory.

Use the Heisenberg Key on level B1, make your way through the tunnel. You’ll find this file on the other side of the first door that you see.

Heisenberg’s Diary
Once the Sturm battle ends, head to the next room. You’ll find it on a desk in the corner.

Chris’s Computer
When the cutscene with Chris ends, you’ll find it on a desk nearby.

Playing as a New character

Now, you’ll assume charge of Chris Redfield’s character in RE Village. Proceed forward until you reach Miranda’s lab. Here, you’ll find the remaining six files.

Dimitrescu’s Medial Report, Donna’s Medical Report, Moreau’s Medical Report, and Heisenberg’s Medical Report
On a table at the entrance of Miranda’s lab.

Spencer’s Letter
In the same room as the previous file, on a table with two photos.

Miranda’s Diary
In the same room as the previous file, on another table alongside more photos.