Resident Evil Village The Village (First Visit) Collectibles

In this Resident Evil Village The Village Collectibles guide, we'll be showing you all of the key items found in the first section of the game

In this Resident Evil Village Collectibles guide, we’ll be showing you where you can find all items of interest located around the vicinity of The Village during your first visit. You will discover a total of 17 collectibles during the first section of the game before you finally head down to the Mines.

Resident Evil Village The Village Collectibles

Resident Evil Village contains plenty of collectibles like Files, Recipes, Trophies, and more for you to collect and get achievements unlocked for doing so. You will find a total of 17 collectibles during the first section in the Village before you head down towards the Mines.

Below you can find the details for all of the Village collectibles and where you can find them:

Mission Briefing (File #5)
After finishing the prologue, you will find yourself in the snowy region. Look beside the crashed vehicle to find the file.

First Aid Med (Recipe #1)
Unlocked after reaching the village. Open the recipes crafting menu to learn how to craft the Medkit.

Handgun Ammo (Recipe #2)
Unlocked after reaching the village in RE8. Open the recipes crafting menu to learn how to craft Handgun Ammo.

Outhouse #1
After entering the village for the first time, head inside the house right in front of you and go into the yard from the right side of the house. In the backyard, you will find the first outhouse.

LEMI Handgun (Weapon #1)
Unlocked after progressing through the story missions of RE Village.

Bolt Cutters (Key Item #1)
After you have faced your first Lycan, head to the house on the left side of where the fight took place.

M1897 Shotgun (Weapon #2)
When you are ambushed by the Lycans in RE8 Village, you will find the shotgun on the table in the house.

Scribbled Note (File #6)
Once the Lycan ambush is over, you will speak to the old lady. Head towards the first house on your left to find the file on the table.

“Goat of Warding” Placard (File #7)
Look for an altar in the graveyard that has the Goat collectible on it. The placard is placed under the goat.

Goat #1
Right where the placard is, use your knife to destroy the goat statue.

Goat #2
When you are entering the church, look up to find the goat on top of the roof.

Maiden Crest (Key Item)
Enter the church to find the Maiden crest placed on the altar. Interact with it to pick it up.

Goat #3
Exit the church and head towards the cornfield. Go from the left side of the cornfield and up the path that leads towards the goat placed on top of the house.

Outhouse #2
Enter Luiza’s house and look for the outhouse in the right corner in front of the house.

Dangerous Creatures (File #8)
In the room where Luiza tells you to wait, look for the file on the chair in the right corner.

Truck Key and Screwdriver (Key Item)
Enter the room next to the garage and open the drawer. Interact with the Truck key to get the screwdriver.

Demon Crest (Key Item)
Outside Luiza’s house is a small offering stand with the Demon crest inside it. Use your screwdriver to open the stand and take the crest placed on the altar.

These are all of the 17 collectibles that you find during the first section inside the Village in RE8.