How To Open Square Lock Boxes In Resident Evil 4

In the Resident Evil 4 remake, you’ll find many secret boxes while roaming around the game's world including Square Lock Boxes...

In the Resident Evil 4 remake, you’ll find many secret boxes and locked containers while roaming around the game world. By opening these boxes, you will be rewarded with different bounties. One such type of locked box that you will find starting from Chapter 7- “The Castle,” is known as the Square Lock Boxes in Resident Evil 4.

You will find these Square Lockboxes in RE4 at different locations in Salazar Castle, where the first box is in the Audience Chamber.

Where to find the Cubic Device in RE4

A cubic device is a must requirement to unlock the Square Lock Box in Resident Evil 4. This Cubic Device cannot be attained before getting to Chapter 9. Once you get to chapter 9, you can find it easily in the Audience Chamber.

To get to this Key, move through the Grand Hall, and once you get past the Armory, enter the first corridor. This is where you’ll find the Cubic Device in RE4.

You can reach this corridor while finding the Golden Lion head to solve the headless statue puzzle. This corridor is just present outside the Armory as you and Ashley attain the Golden Loin head. When you get there, you can see a crate there that you can open to get the Cubic Device.

Now you can use this Device to unlock the Square Lock Boxes in the RE4. You can find the locations of all square boxes in the game below.

All Resident Evil 4 Square Locked Boxes locations

The total number of Square Locked Boxes in the Salazar Castle is five. Each one will reward you differently once it’s open. Below you will find the locations of all the Square Locked Boxes in Resident Evil 4 so you can unlock them using the Cubic Device.

  • The first one is located in the Audience Chamber. By opening it, you’ll receive the Justia Statue treasure.
  • Then you will find the second Square Locked Box in the Save Room of the Grand Hall. Once opened, it will grant you the Butterfly Lamp treasure.
  • For the Third Box, you must get to the Library (if Leon is chosen); once the box is opened, you’ll have a CQBR Assault Rifle in your Arsenal. While with Ashley, you need to locate the secret Lantern passage.
  • The Forth Box can be found in a small room just above the Library. To use the Cubic Key for this Square box you must choose Leon.
  • The fifth one is present in the Throne Room opening which will grant you the Golden Chicken Egg.
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