Resident Evil 4 Headless Statue Puzzle Solution

During Chapter 9, to pass through a door in the Salazar Palace, you have to solve a headless statue puzzle in Resident Evil 4. To solve...

During Chapter 9, you must pass through a door in the Salazar Palace, but it’s not an easy task as you must first solve a Chimera statue puzzle. To solve this Resident Evil 4 headless statue puzzle, you need the three golden heads of the chimera. This includes the head of a serpent, a goat, and a lion.

The door can only be unlocked once you get the three heads and put them over the Headless statue in RE4. This guide will help you solve this Puzzle by providing information about attaining the required heads.

How to solve the Resident Evil 4 Headless Chimera Statue Puzzle

To solve the RE4 headless statue puzzle, pin three locations on your map. i.e., Armory: for the Lion Head, Gallery: for the Goat head, and then the Dining Hall: for the Snake Head. Here’s the complete guide to know how to get them.

Serpent Head location

To locate it, you must go to the Dining Hall and get help from the map. The map points will point toward the North.

Serpent Head location in Resident Evil 4

After entering the hall, you will see a box behind the bar. The next task is to lower the bars to attain the snake head. This can be done by solving a puzzle in Resident Evil 4.

In this Puzzle, you will see some painted pictures and the hall’s seating. This can be solved by following the pictures and then arranging the seating. Once you place Leon and Ashley in the proper arrangement, the bars will come down. After this, you can get the snake head.

Lion Head location

Next, you must move toward the Armory to retrieve the Lion’s Head. On the map, follow the Northern door and move through the door that is present on the upper level of Grand Hall.

Lion Head location in Resident Evil 4

Take the stairs, and you can get to the Armory by passing through the corridor. Remember that before entering the Armory, you must also collect a small key. You’ll find the Loin head inside Armory in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

You need to fight and wipe out all the Armor’s animated suits on your way. To defeat the Knight Armors, you should be careful to attack the Armor’s neck and avoid their sword attacks.

Then with the help of Ashley, open the exit door. While moving towards the Grand Hall, you have to collect a cubic device that you will find from the chest. This is necessary for opening the locked Resident Evil 4 square boxes in the castle.

Goat Head location

After getting the lion head now, your next task is to get the goat head. To find it get inside the Gallery, for which you need to follow the door present on the southern side of the Grand Hall of Salazar Palace.

Goat Head location in Resident Evil 6

Cross the bridge and go straight to the Goat statue in Resident Evil 4 Remake. However, beware, as you’ll have to face a lot of zealots as you try to lower the bridge.

Once you lower the bridge, cross it, take the stairs on the Northern side, and get to the statue to collect your last piece of the Puzzle.

Headless Statue location in Resident Evil 4

Once you have all the heads go to the location of the Headless Statue in Resident Evil 4 and place the heads on it, that is all you must do to solve the Headless Statue puzzle in RE4.

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