How To Duplicate Ashes Of War In Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, you will eventually want to duplicate an Ash of War to apply on different weapons for your characters.

Ashes of War are upgrades you apply to weapons to give them different skills and buffs in Elden Ring. Though the ashes have unlimited use, it can only be applied to a single weapon. Hence, if you want the same Ash of War for two different weapons, you need to know how to duplicate them using Lost Ashes of War.

These ashes can be found scattered throughout the game. You can either purchase them from Isolated Merchants or get them from corpses. This Elden Ring guide will tell you exactly where to find them and how to use them to duplicate the ashes of war.

Lost Ashes of War Location

The Lost Ashes of War that are purchased from different Merchants with their locations are given below:

Isolated MerchantWeeping Peninsula: west part3000 Runes
Isolated MerchantNorth Liurnia: south of the main gate of Raya Lucaria Academy4000 Runes
Hermit MerchantAinsel River: deep in the river3000 Runes
Isolated MerchantDragonbarrow: northwest part above Caelid5000 Runes (for 2)
Imprisoned MerchantMoghwyn Palace: Dynasty Mausoleum5000 Runes

Besides these Lost Ashes of War that you purchase from merchants, other Lost Ashes of War can be looted from corpses and found throughout Elden Ring.

The locations of these lootable Lost Ashes of War are given below.

LocationHow to reach
Raya Lucaria AcademyNear the Ruin-Strewn Precipice lift, look for a corpse hanging from a cliff. This corpse has the Lost Ashes of War.
Ruin-Strewn PrecipiceLook for the corpse lying in the first pit with purple crystal that wields the Lost Ashes of War.
Sellia Hideaway DungeonLook for a couple of chests here. One of them has the Lost Ashes of War
Sage’s Cave, Altus PlateauYou can take this Lost Ashes of War by looking for the Dung Eater’s cell after starting from the Site of Grace: Underground Roadside. This Lost Ashes of war is also obtained from a corpse.
Leyndell, Royal CapitalThe Lost Ashes of War is just outside the northwest gate
Subterranean Shunning-GroundsYou can take this Lost Ashes of War by looking for the Dung Eater’s cell after starting from the Site of Grace: Underground Roadside. This Lost Ashes of war is also obtained from a corpse
West Mountaintops of the GiantsLook for the corpse wielding this Lost Ashes of War near the ridge
Miquella’s HaligtreeAlso acquired from a corpse located in the Canopy near a statue

How to Duplicate Ashes of War In Elden Ring

After acquiring the Lost Ashes of War, take them to the Smithing Master Hewg at the Roundtable Hold and choose the “Ash of War duplication” option. Before heading here, you should possess the Ash of War item you want to duplicate, which you will find during your exploration. Once you have duplicated the ashes, upgrade any weapon of choice and buff its effects.

Remember that you can only duplicate Ashes of War, which you already have. Hence, if you are interested in duping a specific Ash of War in Elden Ring, you must get it first.

Which Ash of War to Duplicate?

Every battle differs from the other, meaning some require light weapons while other demand heavy. However, each battle allows you to wield two weapons with similar Ash of War to buff its effect. Here are some considerations on ashes of war that you could duplicate according to your use.

  • Hoarfrost Stom
  • Flames of Redmanes
  • Bloody Slash
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