How To Get Golden Egg In Resident Evil 4

Even in a village infected with parasite zombies and cults trying to bring down the world, you can always find suitable treasures for yourself. Along with the various gems and specific treasures, one of the treasures in Resident Evil 4 is the famed Golden Chicken Egg. There is also an Egg hunt quest in which you are tasked with finding the Gold Chicken Egg in RE4.

But to get that, you first have to defeat Del Lago and progress in the story till you reach the Mural Cave. After leaving the cave, you will find this request on a wall close to the boat in Resident Evil 4. To complete this request, you will need to find the Gold egg. This guide will help you find the Golden Egg in RE4.

Resident Evil 4 golden egg location

Being a Golden Egg, we must follow the myth and look for it in areas with chickens. Fortunately, the village in the first part of the game, before you enter Salazar’s Castle, has a lot of chickens for you to try your luck.

First of all, the Golden Egg is NOT a guaranteed drop at all in Resident Evil 4. You always have a chance of some random chicken laying a golden egg in the game, but you can increase your chances of finding the Golden Egg by taking a few steps.

Gold Chicken Egg location in RE4

In chapter 4, you get free access to the boat in the lake. Use the boat to get to the east bank of the lake. Here, you can find a small secluded chicken farm in Resident Evil 4 all on its own. Here, you can come and look for a Golden Egg.

If you don’t find a Golden Egg here, return to any save point, save your game, and then return to the chicken farm. Do this until you finally get a Golden Egg on the chicken farm. Due to this farm’s high number of chickens, you have a much better chance of finding a Gold egg here.


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