Resident Evil 2 Remake Fails to Implement HDR Properly, Even in Full Game

Early players of Resident Evil 2 Remake are reporting that the game still struggles to properly implement HDR in the game.

It’s now been confirmed by different players of Resident Evil 2 Remake that it still struggles with the proper implementation of HDR in the game. This lack of proper HDR comes as a disappointment because the demo of RE2 suffered from the same issues.

HDR in games is something new and it’s still in process of refinement. We have rarely seen any game with proper use of HDR right out of the box. It does get better over time in games with new updates so that’s not an issue. To have the best experience of HDR in games, there are different factors to look at including display, console system settings and more.

Unluckily, Capcom is still suffering from the same issues with the final version of RE2 Remake as the game is lopsided. Meaning that HDR sometimes looks good in certain places but sometimes it makes things a lot worse. Keeping that in mind, playing the game without HDR is the best way to play RE2 Remake.

You can check out the thread here from ResetEra to know how most people are experiencing bad HDR in the game. Our friends over at GearNuke have also managed to show the comparison of Resident Evil 2 Remake with HDR turned off and on. The comparison images show that HDR washes out colors when activated and at some areas, the blacks are not blacks but instead they look grey. It shouldn’t be this way but the good news is that Capcom can fix this with an update in the future.

Metacritic has listed Resident Evil 2 Remake as a must play game on PlayStation 4. Resident Evil 2 has a meta score of 91 based on 61 critics. The Remake officially releases tomorrow on 24 January and its pre-load is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It’s easy to say that the game will go down as the best one in the Resident Evil series.

Resident Evil 2 Remake reviews are already out but beware of the spoilers. Everyone loves it as it’s an impressive game based on survival horror experience with an amazing storyline.

If you are still not convinced, you can try out the free 1-Shot demo of the game which is now available on all platforms but you are only allowed to play it for 30 minutes but that’s enough time to convince you according to Capcom so give it a try today.

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