How to Find Smelly Shoes in Ni no Kuni 2

This guide will tell you How to Find Smelly Shoes in Ni no Kuni 2 and walk you through The Sweet Stink of Success side quest. We will also tell you the location of the Smelly Shoes. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

How to Find Smelly Shoes in Ni no Kuni 2

In addition to the main story of the Ni no Kuni 2, there are some side quests in the game. Completing these side quests will get you different kinds of rewards.

One such Side Quest is The Sweet Stink of Success which you will get from Morgan at Evermore. The recommended level to complete this side quest is 45. Morgan will ask you to locate a pair of stinky sneakers in this quest.

There are three ways to get your hands on Smelly Shoes:

  • Obtaining it from one of the chests passes through a Dreamer Door, such as the Grotto.
  • By killing the last room’s monster.
  • From a dog merchant in the Dreamer Doors who sells them, but he comes at random and is difficult to track down.

For completing The Stink of Success side quest, you will get Determined Gaudy Galoshes, 46000 Gliders, and 4150 Exp.

How to Start The Stink Of Success Quest in Ni no Kuni 2

Talk with Morgan in Evermore Castle after finishing The World’s Best Buyer quest to accept this quest. From the front of the castle, go down the steps.

You’ll notice Morgan, a woman with brown hair and vibrant clothing, standing on the corner. Morgan will ask you to bring her a pair of smelly shoes.    Bring her any pair of shoes that include “stinky” in the title.

Ni no Kuni 2 Smelly Shoes Location

Dreamer’s Door Maze is where you’ll locate the Smelly Shoes.  These magical doors can be found all around the map. These doors lead to a dungeon with numerous levels.

You will encounter several enemies in the dungeon and will also find loot. This is the most reliable source for Smelly Shoes.

Grotty’s Grotto, a neighboring cave region, is the closest entry point. Traveling to Auntie Martha’s Cottage and following the trail and river up to the Grotto’s entrance is the shortest way to get there. To get to the maze entrance, run straight to its rear.

You’ll need to locate the shoes once you’ve entered the maze. You’ll need to check as many of the regular chests as possible, which might take a long time.

Or you can search the maze for an NPC known as the Traveling Salesman with a Dog-like face, who may have a pair of Smelly Shoes in stock.

After you’ve located the shoes, use your compass to locate the next maze door, which will allow you to exit the maze. Return to Morgan and hand over the shoes to claim your prize.

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