How To Get Spell Knight Armor In Skyrim?

This guide will cover all details about finding all three variants of the Spell Knight Armor in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The Spell Knight Armour in Skyrim offers the perfect solution for Dragonborn spellcasters seeking a balance between magic and might. This unique armor set, previously exclusive to the Creation Club, is now obtainable through the “Crypt of the Heart” quest in the Anniversary Edition of Skyrim.

This distinctive armor set is known for its impressive defensive capabilities and subtle magical enhancements. It equips you to dominate close-quarters combat and spellcasting. Three variants of this armor are available, each with distinct qualities.

This guide will equip you with the knowledge to complete this quest and claim all three variants of the Spell Knight Armor in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Start Crypt Of The Heart

To get all three variants of Spell Knight Armor by completing the Crypt of the Heart quest. This requires you to travel to Markath and read the book in Silver-Blood Inn to start the quest.

Slightly outside the city, look for the knight’s ghost in the south of Markarth to Dushnikh Yal. Walk toward the bridge, and a ghost will eventually spawn after you kill all the enemies and pick the red flower in the middle.

Follow The Ghost

Follow the ghost to its burial site. Defeat the bandits that come in the way, and you will first acquire Iron Spell Knight Armor and Steel Spell Knight Armor.

You will find Forsworn Shaman’s note while looting the bandit’s bodies; this note defines your next objective: search the Karthspire for the Stolen Heart.

Go To Soljund’s Sinkhole

Fast travel to the Soljund’s Sinkhole and remove a couple of bandits. After taking them out, you will find the Corrupted Human Heart inside a bowl. Take the heart back to the Knight’s Tomb.

Select the Return the Heart to the Knight’s Tomb option. This will unlock an optional objective called the “Purify Knight Heart at the Altar.”

Place The Heart Or Defeat The Knight

To complete this objective, you must place the corrupted heart on the altar.

You can either purify the heart to complete the objective or defeat the Corrupted Knight to end the quest and earn the Ebony Spell Knight Armor.

Spell Knight armor spell quest is a little bugged, and some players are facing an error in which they cannot interact with this purify heart option. To fix this, you have to install a patch from Nexusmods. Sometimes, turning off the Survival mode and waiting for a few minutes can also fix this error.

Iron Spell Knight Armor Stats

The Iron Spell Knight Armor is the weakest variant. The base stats of the Iron Spell Knight Armor set are given below.

Armor PieceArmorWeightValueID
Iron Spell Knight Armor2930275FExxxD78
Iron Spell Knight Helmet195200FExxxD7A
Iron Spell Knight Boots14655FExxxD77
Iron Spell Knight Gauntlets14555FExxxD79

Steel Spell Knight Armor Stats

The second variant has an improved rating equivalent to bonemold armor. The Steel Smithing perk can improve armor effectiveness. The base stats of the Steel Spell Knight Armor set are given below.

Armor PieceArmorWeightValueID
Steel Spell Knight Armor3535350FExxxD74
Steel Spell Knight Gauntlets16475FExxxD75
Steel Spell Knight Boots16875FExxxD73
Steel Spell Knight Helmet215250FExxxD76

Ebony Spell Knight Armor Stats

This is the strongest variant of the Spell Knight Armor, which requires the Ebony Smithing Perk to improve its effectiveness. The base stats of the Ebony Spell Knight Armor set are given below.

Armor PieceArmorWeightValueID
Ebony Spell Knight Armor47382000FExxx89D
Ebony Spell Knight Gauntlets207400FExxx89E
Ebony Spell Knight Boots207400FExxx89C
Ebony Spell Knight Helmet2510900FExxx89F

The xxx in the IDs will be replaced by the 000, 001, 002, or 003, depending upon your installed creations. You can also find it by using the help command.

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