The Sims 4 Meaningful Stories Mod: How To Install And Play

The Sims 4 is already designed to simulate real life. However, you can take it to the next level by installing the Meaningful Stories mod.

As the name suggests, the mod reworks your Sims to feel and show more emotions. They are going to be moodier and too much pressure will likely cause them to be an emotional wreck.

The Meaningful Stories mod aims to make your Sim more human and lifelike. There will be days when your Sim will be depressed and will require extra attention and convincing by other Sims to get out of this state. In some cases, a positive event experienced by a Sim like a promotion will send them into a state of true happiness.

If the Meaningful Stories mod has you interested, the following guide is just for you. We will discuss all features the mod brings to Sims 4 and how you can install and play it.

How to install the Meaningful Stories mod in The Sims 4

Installing the Meaningful Stories mod in The Sims 4 follows the same standard procedure as other mods. You can follow the steps below to install it.

Open the roBurky webpage and open the Meaningful Stories mod found under the “Mods for The Sim 4” heading.

You can either download the version available on the website or head to the Patreon of reBurky to get the latest version available.

Open your Download folder to find the downloaded zip file for the Meaningful Stories mod.

Open the zip using any archive software and extract the mod files. Now you must place the mod files inside The Sims 4 game files.

The Sims 4 game files can be found inside the Electronic Arts folder. Open your Documents to locate this.

In the game files, you will notice a folder by the name of Mods, or something similar. Open it, create a new folder titled The Meaningful Stories, and paste the extracted mod files here.    

Start The Sims 4, open settings, and check off the following options: “Script Mods” and “Enable Custom Content”.

Restart the game and the features of the Meaningful Stories mod will be implemented.

What does the Meaningful Stories mod add in Sims 4?

The Meaningful Stories mod will feature its very own in-game tutorial that will allow you to get familiar with all the new features. There is also a new in-game settings menu that allows you to select and deselect all the features available in the mod.

Meaningful Moods
This feature adds more realistic and varied emotions and mood swings that your Sim can experience. Discomfort can lead to your Sim experiencing negative emotions and if continued can lead to depression.

Emotional Inertia
There will be subtle variations in the moods your Sim will have but they would become more stable and last a longer duration. This would make achieving a certain Emotional state a bit more challenging since there will be an element of unpredictability.

True Happiness
Happiness will be linked to the occurrence of something positive and of note happening to your Sim. Your Sim’s base emotion will not be Happy anymore and there will be varied emotions related to Happiness as well.

Environment Effects
Previously looking at objects and art instantly made your Sim happy but now the Meaningful Stories mod will allow you to build Happiness over time in a more subtle way.

Variable Moodlets
There is an element of unpredictability added to emotional Moodlets allowing some to give a greater impact on your Sim’s emotions, than others.

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