Remnant 2 Carnage In C-minor Trophy Guide

To unlock the Remnant 2 Carnage in C-minor Trophy, you’ll have to complete the secret water harp puzzle and recreate the flutist's tune.

Whether you are a trophy hunter or a completionist, you definitely would have heard about Carnage In C-Minor in Remnant 2. You have to complete a particular puzzle in the game to earn this trophy called the Water Harp Puzzle. It requires you to listen to a tune played by a flutist and then recreate it at the puzzle site.

Doing so will solve the water harp puzzle and you will earn the Carnage in C-Minor Trophy. It can be challenging to remember the notes of the tune. As such, we’ll guide you as to how you can earn this trophy for yourself in Remnant 2

Where to find Water Harp Puzzle in Remnant 2

water harp map location in Remnant 2

Carnage in C-minor Trophy is unlocked in Remnant 2 by completing the Secret Water Harp Puzzle. You will take part in this puzzle after defeating the Corrupted Ravager boss. This boss is located inside the Forbidden Grove in the Yeasha Region.

After taking it down, head back to the location of the Water Harp puzzle which you used to access the boss. Here you will see that the musician will be playing a different tune on his flute. What you essentially need to do is recreate the same tune on the puzzle and play it.

How to unlock the Carnage in C-minor Trophy

To unlock the achievement Carnage in C-minor in Remnant 2, you have to recreate the second tune that the flutist plays at the Water Harp Puzzle. This can be done by pulling on pegs located on the spinning cylinder.

This puzzle is a little tricky to get right the first time. This is because it involves a lot of back and forth between you and the musician to get the notes right. By following the steps below, you’ll skip the hassle and will be one step close to your trophy

  • First Row: Pull the First Peg
  • Second Row: Pull the Fourth peg
  • Third row: None
  • Fourth Row: Pull the second Peg
  • Fifth Row: Pull the Fifth peg
  • Sixth Row: None
  • Seventh Row: Pull the Third Peg
  • Eighth Row: None

After Completing the puzzle, a pop-up will appear on the screen. It’ll state that you have unlocked the Carnage in C-Minor Trophy, but that is not all. Completing this trophy also unlocks the Bolt Driver Gun. It will appear near the water harp puzzle. Collect the prize and head over to the flutist. Here you will get rewarded with the scroll of binding.

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