How To Defeat Root Mantis In Remnant 2

Root Mantis is one of the bosses that Remnant 2 features which is not very hard to defeat if you make the right moves.

Remnant 2 features many bosses in the game, and Root Mantis is one of the early ones encountered. Root Mantis’ appearance in early games does not mean you can take on him quickly. He is still very hard to defeat, especially if you don’t have the proper equipment.

Defeating Root Mantis is not tough if you make all the right moves which are explained in detail in this guide.

Root Mantis location in Remnant 2

As it is in the early game, we cannot pinpoint the exact location of Root Mantis. However, we can tell you how you can get there by mentioning highlights. Root Mantis will appear in the game during the storyline’s early stages.

This will happen shortly after when you, along with the help of the Cass, were looking for Ward 13. After that, the game will teach you controls and mechanics, and then you will meet Clementine and Bo.

When you enter the Sewer Area in the Eastpool, you will enter a chamber, and Root Mantis will make an entry by falling off from the ceiling. From here, your fight with the Root Mantis will start.

How to defeat Root Mantis

You will fight the Root Mantis with your three other teammates that you just recently met. We will first look at his movements and attacks to defeat Root Mantis effectively. The main attack of Root Mantis is his tentacle slash attack. He can swing it at a distance and use it frequently.


He also jumps and charges straight into you and impales his claws. Due to Root Mantis intelligent nature, your attacks can be evaded by him. Considering his attacks, you should maintain a safe distance from him. He is swift and mobile and approaches very aggressively.

You can avoid most attacks by dodging him at the right time. As for the ammunition, you will have a shotgun and a pistol. The best way to fight Root Mantis is with a pistol in Remnant 2. Shotgun is ineffective mainly because of inaccuracy and short range.

You should first maintain a safe distance, then rapidly fire at him. After a few shots, move around and then fire again. To deal the maximum damage to Root Mantis, you can hit him off-guard when he is busy with your teammates. During the last stage of the fight, he will use a projectile. You can avoid it easily.

You can easily defeat him if you keep your pace. The more you delay your attacks, the higher the chance he might get you first.


You will receive two rewards as a result of defeating Root Mantis. The first is the Trait Point called the Tome of Knowledge. The other thing you will receive is the Root Ganglia, a crafting item for weapon mods. This is all about the Root Mantis in Remnant 2.

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