Remnant 2 Controls and Key Bindings Guide

The controls and key bindings of Remnant 2 on PC, Xbox, and PS are pretty straightforward except for skill casts.

The controls and key bindings of Remnant 2 are pretty straightforward except for skill casts. All key bindings of the Keyboard, PlayStation 5, and Xbox controllers are default. They can be set by preferences in the options and settings menu. However, you cannot change the controls on the console as per your preference.

This guide will cover all the controls and Key Bindings of Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Keyboard controls

Basic Key Bindings

W       Move Forwards
A        Pace Left
S         Move Backwards
D        Pace Right
SpaceJump/Vault, Dodge enemy attacks.
Left ALT      Crouch
Left Shift    Sprint
Turn Left   Move Mouse left
Turn Right Move Mouse Right
Left Mouse Button    Shoot, Melee Attack
Right Mouse Button Aim
X                                    Switch Weapon, Mouse Roller.

Miscellaneous Key Bindings

Q                                    Ability 1
C                                     Ability 2
F                                     Weapon Mod
R                                    Reload
Right Shift                    Shift Camera angle.
E                                     Interact
1                                    Relic
2                                    Item Slot 1
3                                    Item Slot 2
4                                    Item Slot 3
5                                     Item Slot 4
L                                     Flashlight
Ping                               G
Scope                            Z
Tab                                Menu
Options                        O
P                                    Archetype Info
I                                     Inventory
J                                     Character
T                                    Traits
R                                     Advanced Stats (while Menu is open).

UI Key Bindings

Space                           Select
E                                    Item Interact
F                                    Dialogue Select
Space                           Dialogue Skip
Right Mouse Button Inspect item
Right Shift                   Next Spectator
E                                    Next Tab (Right)
Q                                  Previous Tab (Left)
W                                 Map Camera Forward
A                                  Map Camera Left
S                                   Map Camera Back
D                                  Map Camera Right

PlayStation 5 controller Key bindings

Left Stick                          Movement, Sprint and Shift Camera Angle
Right Stick                       Direction of character, Scope
R2                                     Shoot, Melee Attack
R1                                     Change Fire Mode
L2                                       Aim
L1                                      Alt Mode\ Dragon Heart
Square Button                Interact, Item 1, Reload
X Button                           Dodge Attacks, Vault, Item 3
Circle Button                   Crouch, Item 4
Triangle Button                Switch Weapon, Item 2
Up Directional Button   Flashlight
Emote Wheel                  Down Directional Button
Option Button                Menu
Share Button                   Map
Touch Pad                        Character Menu

Xbox controller key bindings

Left Stick   Movement, Sprint, and Shift Camera Angle.
Right Stick                                    Direction of character, Scope.
R2                                                  Shoot, Melee Attack
R1                                                  Change Fire Mode
L2                                                   Aim
L1                                                  Alt Mode\ Dragon Heart
X Button                                        Reload, Item 1, Interact
A button                                       Dodge, Vault, Item 3
B button                                        Crouch, Item 4
Y button                                        Switch Weapon, Item 2
Up button (Directional Pad)       Flashlight
Down button (Directional Pad)  Emote Wheel
Menu button                                Game Menu
View Button                                  Map

Why Can’t I Change Some Keys in Remnant 2?

Some users have reported that to change certain keys in Remanant 2 on PC, you need a restart. So if you can’t change a keybind as it keeps on resetting, you should restart your PC after the change.

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