Remnant 2: What To Do With the Pile of Dirt in Ward 13

If you have played Ward 13, you must have seen a questionable pile of Dirt in Remnant 2 and you might be curious about its functionality.

If you have played Ward 13 for a while, you must have seen a questionable pile of Dirt in Remnant 2. The question then arises about its functionality. To answer your question, it’s part of a quest that initiates with the Ornate Key that can be used to open the Ornate Lockbox in Remnant 2.

If you are interested in unearthing what purpose the Pile of Dirt serves, we have you covered in this guide.

What to do with the Pile of Dirt in Ward 13?

So before you jump in on finding the purpose of the Pile of Dirt that you come across in Ward 13, you first need to get your hands on the Ornate Box and Ornate Key in Remnant 2. The second name for Ornate Box is Jewelry Box.

For the Jewelry Box, you must make your way to the Yaesha region, which is close to the starting point of Remnant 2. Once there, travel to The Window’s Court and get inside.

Once there, you need to get over to the road leading from the building on the left. There will then be stairs leading to the cave below. From there, travel further ahead and take the elevator in front.

This will lead you directly to the room that has the Ornate Box. After finding the Jewelry Box, you must find Ornate Key to open it. For that, you need to go back to the outskirts near the palace.


After finding the Ornate Key, you can interact with the Ornate Box to unlock it. Doing so will cause the Thaen Seed to pop out, so take it and proceed directly to Ward 13 next.

Plant the Thaen Seed in BG3

There you will finally learn the purpose of the Pile of Dirt for growing the seed you acquired.

So head over to the garden and then plant that particular seed there. Don’t expect it to do anything yet. It will take some time between you logging in and out of the game and going on adventures with it. For us, the seed took at least 2 hours to grow, and it will sprout into a sapling. Then it will eventually turn into a tree in Remnant 2.

Once this tree has matured, it will bear a specific fruit named Mature Thaen Fruit in Remnant 2. This fruit is beneficial if you consume it. Doing so will revive you once you suffer a fatal hit with 30 percent of your life left.

Moreover, it will also negate status effects for 30 sec afterward for a significant time (60 min). After consuming the fruit sown in the Pile of Dirt, you will learn that it has served its purpose in Remnant 2.

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