How To Get Mythic Relic Fragments In Remnant 2

Mythic Relic Fragments are the higher tier Relic Fragments in Remnant 2 which can be equipped into archetypes for extra buffs.

In Remnant 2, you get your hands on many materials; among these, you can also come across the Mythic Relic Fragments. To get it, you need to level up the Relic Fragments, which can be done by collecting the Relic Dust.

These can be turned into Relic Fragments, which can then be equipped onto your archetype. One such example is if you are using the Dragon Heart Relic, you can upgrade that Relic in Remnant 2.

However, you need to keep one thing in mind that these Relics have different levels to them and carry different rarities. All these can give you incredible buffs and make your builds so much better.

Moreover, these Relic Fragments will only upgrade based on the level of your archetypes. So basically, if you have all of your archetypes at Level 10, you will have a big chance of obtaining the Mythic Relic Fragments in Remnant 2. This will give you insane buffs if we compare it to the normal Relic Fragments.

All methods to get Mythic Relic Fragments in Remnant 2

There are different ways to get your hands on the Mythic Relic fragments. You can get them by killing the end-game bosses. Moreover, you can also purchase them in Remnant 2. We have covered both methods in detail. You don’t have to worry at all.

Kill end-game bosses

So the first and foremost method of obtaining the Mythic Relic Fragment would be engaging end-level Bosses. So after that, there is a good chance that some of these might drop the Mythic Relic Fragment for you to acquire in Remnant 2.


However, you shouldn’t rely too much on this method because facing these enemies is challenging. So if you are still determined, you should try your luck at the Root Earth location.

So before engaging enemies here, you need to level up your various archetypes to at least Level 10. This will increase the odds of that Mythic Fragment drop from those enemy bosses.

This way, you can check the total Archetype Level for your characters in Remnant 2. So to get an idea of your total Archetype Level, you can head into the Character screen. You can go through the Advanced Stats, and below Archetype Level, you can spot your Total Archetype level.

This means that the more this level rises, the higher your chances of getting the Mythic Remnant.

Purchase Mythic Relics from Dwell

This method is also quite efficient if you aim to secure the Mythic Relics in Remnant 2. You must gather the Relic dust, so have the adventure mode for Losomn first unlocked. After that, you can enter any sewer dungeon in that world area.

In our case, the Great Sewers area was next. You will discover a hidden entrance covered by a barrel that you can shoot to explode. Go through that area, and you will find some cages floating, and there will be one in particular with a purple item. Don’t shoot it yet; go through the enemies and get underneath it.

Then open fire at the body inside the cage; this way, you can collect massive amounts of severed hands. Gather them and go to the basement of the Sanitorium next in Losomn. Make your way to the Tormented asylum, where you will find a room with large grey webs. Interact with it by giving it the hands you got from the sewer you will get the Relic Dust in return.

Once you have gathered enough relic dust, you can return to Ward 13 and interact with a creepy hunchback vendor named Dwell. Now, you can purchase the Mythic Relic Fragment for the Relic Dust you collected.

However, there is a trick here: before purchasing the Relic Fragments; you can re-roll Adventure Mode and choose Apocalypse Difficulty next in Remnant 2. As the game’s difficulty is tied to your Archetypes, you can now head directly to the NPC vendor Dwell.

All Mythic Relic Fragments in Remnant 2

Below, we have listed all the Mythic Fragments you can get in Remnant 2. These include:

Yellow Relic Fragments

Yellow Relic Fragments:Buffs
Mythic Ammo Pickups30% Ammo Pickups
Mythic Ammo Reserves20% Ammo Reserves
Mythic Casting Speed20% Mod and Skill Cast Speed
Mythic Consumable Duration20% Consumable Duration
Mythic Consumable Speed20% Consumable Use Speed
Mythic Mod Cost10 Mod Cost
Mythic Recoil30% Recoil
Mythic Skill Cooldown15% Skill Duration
Mythic Spread Recovery30% Reticle Spread Recovery Speed
Mythic Weapon Spread30% Weapon Spread
Mythic Weapon Swap20% Weapon Swap Speed  

Blue Relic Fragments

Blue Relic Fragments:Buffs
Mythic Armor Effectiveness15% Armor
Mythic Blight Resistance30% Blight Resistance
Mythic Charge Melee Cost30% Melee Charge Attack Stamina Cost
Mythic Damage Reduction5% Damage Reduction
Mythic Elemental Resistance10% Elemental Damage Resistance
Mythic Grey Health Rate20% Grey Health Rate
Mythic Healing Effectiveness20% Healing Effectiveness
Mythic Health15% Health
Mythic Revive Speed25% Revive Speed
Mythic Stamina Recovery Delay30% Stamina Recovery Delay
Mythic Stamina Cost20% Weapon Swap Speed
Mythic Stamina15% Stamina
Mythic Shield Effectiveness20% Shield Amount

Red Relic Fragments

Red Relic FragmentsBuffs
Mythic Elemental Damage10% Elemental Damage
Mythic Melee Attack Speed15% Melee Attack Speed
Mythic Melee Critical Chance10% Melee Critical Chance
Mythic Melee Critical Damage20% Melee Critical Damage
Mythic Melee Damage15% Melee Damage
Mythic Mod Damage10% Mod Damage
Mythic Ranged Critical Chance10% Ranged Critical Chance
Mythic Ranged Critical Damage20% Ranged Critical Damage
Mythic Ranged Damage10% Ranged Damage
Mythic Ranged Fire Rate10% Fire Rate
Mythic Stagger Damage20% Stagger Damage
Mythic Skill Damage10% Skill Damage
Mythic Weakspot Damage15% Weakspot Damage

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