Remnant 2 Mantagora Boss Guide

The Mantagora is an aberration type boss in Remnant 2 with a unique twist as it keeps flying around. Here's how to take it out.

Mantagora is one of the aberrations that can be found in Yaesha in Remnant 2 and is a unique one. This boss doesn’t attack you on sight and simply flies around if left unbothered. As soon as you hit it, the boss fight begins.  

It can also regenerate its HP constantly and can heal back to full if it is not damaged for an extended period. Constantly dealing damage to it is hard as it repeatedly flies out of your field of view and comes back to attack from a different angle. 

To help you, here is how you can defeat the Mantagora in the game. 

Where to find Mantagora in Remnant 2  

Mantagora can be found flying around in the imperial gardens. If left unprovoked, it will continue to fly around this area and it won’t attack you. If you are planning to fight this boss, we recommend bringing along a few friends as beating this boss solo is very tedious.  

How to defeat Mantagora in Remnant 2 

When Mantagora is attacked, it will retaliate by shooting fireballs and spawning root enemies. These enemies act as projectiles to track your character but can be taken out with a single bullet. The best way to deal with them is to shoot them down as soon as they spawn.  

After you have killed a wave of root enemies, Mantagora will try to attack you by sweeping down from the air in Remnant 2. This attack can easily be avoided by rolling this the direction of the attack.


After the roll, you have the opportunity to deal massive damage to the boss as it is trying to gain altitude. Target its head since that is its weak spot.

Throughout this fight, the boss will repeatedly fly out of your vision. You can easily deal with this by having your friend sit in a different location in the Imperial Gardens.

If Mantagora is out of sight for one of you, the other will still see it. If you are attempting to defeat this boss solo, all you can do is wait until Mantagora flies away. 

Rewards for defeating Mantagora 

Once Mantagora is defeated in Remnant 2, the following items are added to your inventory: 

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